Ready to quit procrastinating pursuing your REAL dream (again)?

It’s time to stop hiding behind busy, fear
and the other excuses you cling on to and
prioritize the focus needed to propel
your faith, life & business

Deana Farrell Coaching

Ready to quit procrastinating
pursuing your REAL dream (again)?

It’s time to stop hiding behind busy, fear and the other excuses you cling on to
and prioritize the focus needed to align that dream with your faith, life & business

Strengthened Faith

Fulfilling Life

Impactful Business

What's Getting In The Way Of Your Success?

Are you confused about how to step into your true identity, value and purpose while having a life and growing a business?

Are you tired of letting doubt, disappointment and approval of others defeat your days?

What would it be like if you had the confidence to finally break out of your comfort zone, into your purpose and show up in your faith, life and business as the conqueror God created you to be?

That woman lives inside of you right now.


Discover the Freedom of Prioritized Focus


Clarify the season you're in,
the reason you're dreaming so big
and what it is that's teasing you away.


Identify your vision, mission and core values to make goal-getting that much more exciting and done!


Solidify the specific plan and strategy that works for your real life and usual expected and unsuspected setbacks.


In working with women in business over the last 10 years, the biggest struggle I see is that they’ve let other people define their success.

These women are smart, savvy, (even a bit sassy), but allow themselves to get way too hung up on the details (and the "what ifs").  When the real goal should be focusing on their given vision and mission for their faith, life and business.

When these women give themselves permission to step into owning the Valued Amazing Ladies they are, that’s when their impact,  influence and income really gets going! One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, BUT with a defined path in focus!

So VAL, it’s your turn to push past your limiting beliefs (and other’s opinions). It's your turn to have the satisfaction of knowing the vision and mission in your heart was not only God-given, but is yours to achieve. It's the gift you were meant to share with the world, and Lord knows, they could use a gift right now.



“For many years, I have wanted to start my own business, but had no idea where to begin.  Prioritized Focus has a calm and logical method of helping people to excel. This no-nonsense approach has given me the confidence to move forward. Not only was the program both fun and challenging, but Deana’s feedback was invaluable. In these uncertain times, I have launched my business and the future looks very bright!"



Quilt Concierge

“Deana is energetic, forward thinking and always willing to help!
She has given me inspiration both personally and professionally"



Law Office of Stephanie Albrecht-Pedrick, Esq.

"Before Deana my days were cluttered and overwhelming to say the least. She helped me to gain a new perspective on what my goals actually were and how to prioritize my days in order to meet them. Her plan and direction is easy to follow and gives you immediate results. She's helped me to unravel the confusion of where I was going and made me focus on the right path. Her planner is so effective and makes goal setting easy and attainable! I'm finally gaining traction in my business and I know what to do next to keep the success ball rolling!"



"Deana has the innate ability to truly connect with people and inspire them. She takes great joy in your “Wins” and commiserates with you in your losses (but not for very long). Deana is the cheerleader I never knew I needed, but now I am in a much better place due to her guidance. If you want to move forward either personally or in your busines, I highly recommend Deana’s unique training to help you to live your best life."


Administrative Assistant

3 Steps to Go from Stuck to Success.

It’s not YOU that’s crazy for wanting to pursue your dream - it’s your schedule!

Step #1

Define Your Priorities

 Let's sort through your competing commitments and make NOW the right time for you to step up and take charge of what really matters!

Step #2

Align your Plan

Discover what it will take to connect the dream of what you really want to the reality of your day to day.

Step #3

Refine your Routine

Together we'll tweak your plan until the habits and strategies become the most rewarding part of your everyday faith, life & business.



3 Essentials You Can't Ignore to Prioritize Your Focus & Begin Living Your Dream!