2020 – the year of vision

Well, we all said it – this year is going to be our year. Of course most of us say that every year, but this year…

This new decade, the year 2020 was going to be where our greatest vision comes to fruition!

Womp, womp, womp…it’s April and the world is in crisis. Literally, a global pandemic has us social distancing and quarantining ourselves for the last several weeks, with seemingly no end in sight.

If we are still able to work, it’s now from home. Some have lost their jobs altogether and are hoping the promised relief comes and soon.

Everyone is now a cook, critic and armchair expert at catastrophic relief methods.

We are now “those” home-school parents. Our kids are confused, feeling trapped and mourning the loss of their own communities (teachers, friends, sports, hangouts) and too often, we are dismissing their very real emotions because we are too busy nursing our own.

Churches have now found themselves having to put their walk with their talk and find ways to prove it was never about a building, but the people who gathered there.

Cashiers, truck drivers, food store clerks and stock people, delivery/pick-up workers, nurses, doctors and countless other non-celebrity everyday folks are finally getting heroic recognition. But none would ever wish this Covid-19 be the reason or catalyst behind their new found appreciation.


Yet, there is some good happening too. Well, if you choose to see it.

If you ever had a vision to spend more time with your family – you have it now. We now have weekly theme parties that are pushing us out of our comfort zones and pretty hilarious at times.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to work from home – you got it. Are you more or less productive?

Thought you could do a better job teaching your child – here’s your chance. I’m so thankful for the decimal and percentages math refresher…[insert eyeroll & sigh] 

Always wanted to clean that room, closet, drawer, garage, basement… – have at it. (yeah, me either)

Wondering if those “home workouts” really work – dare ya to try it! Umm…I know they work – for her, him, them…

Whatever the future, someday vision we had lingering around, is now a convicting opportunity sitting in our laps.

The priority tide has significantly shifted my friends.

The things we thought were so important, suddenly are not so much. And the things we consistently took for granted are now like the flashing warning light on a dashboard.

The question now becomes – what’s your 20/20 vision and how are you “seeing” your future? 

Let’s not become people driven by fear, hype or other’s vision for our future, but rather BE people who conquer the mindset it will take to see our vision as a priority – now, not later.

Today, make a list of your top 3 priorities for the next 30 days (I’m a big fan of 30-day focus) and see what happens when you make up your mind to make progress toward those top 3 each day. Watch how your decisions begin to shift, matter and become definitive to-dos instead of procrastination tactics.

The world as we know it is on pause right now, what will you be caught doing? Waiting, working, whining or winning?

Making progress with Prioritized Focus right there with ya,

Let us know in the comments what stage of “focus” you are in right now – waiting for it to show up, working on it, whining about it or WINNING?


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