24 Ways to Approach Goal Getting Differently This Year

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Goal getting differently can excite or incite depending on the person. Are you one who is first in line to try something new or freaked out and shaking in your boots?

I get it. But being fresh into a brand new year, goal getting is top of mind. So we may as well talk about it…differently!

Goal getting differently is a game changer. Wishing is not a strategy, and willy-nilly is not a good plan. 

Yet, that’s exactly how many of us resort and revert to when it comes to doing things differently in our goal-getting.

Bombarding you with new ideas, approaches, or concepts without some type of established foundation is only going to cause overwhelm. And we all know what that causes – a shut down.

Shutting down is definitely not the productivity or goal-getting mindset that either of us are hoping for. Especially to start off a new year!

There are four things I keep in mind whether I find a system and keep it or trying my goal getting differently.

  • Define
  • Discover
  • Determine
  • Do It

This formula has served me well for nearly a decade now and I’ve been sharing it in various ways with other for nearly as long. As a matter of fact, it’s how my book is broken down!

These four areas speak to who you are, what’s within your control, how to handle whatever messes life throws your way, and where you’re needed and most effective at showing up and getting things done.

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Now, with that foundation and framework covered, let’s get to this list of ways you can approach your goals differently. This year and beyond. 

While the following list isn’t by any means an exhaustive one, I pray that you will find inspiration from it. Because it’s inspiration that sparks the motivation needed to become a goal-getter. Not just a dreamy goal setter.

24 Ways to Approach Your Goal Getting Differently

Sure, I could have made this list much shorter, by I like giving you one-stop-shop resources! To that end, I’ve broken this list of 24 into 4 sections.

Think of each group as options for each quarter of the year. With that approach there should be no excuse for goal getting boredom!

Look at these first 6 ideas as first quarter options for goal getting differently.

1. Celebration over toleration.
Make a list of your top achievements from the last year. Maybe it’s 12, one for each month! The point and goal here is to see your progress. Learn how to celebrate your wins so that you become more familiar with what that feels like.

Valued, Amazing Loved Journal from the Focus Shop and Deana Farrell

2. Journal those thoughts, feelings, & ideas!
I cannot implore you enough to take up journaling if you don’t already. It’s therapeutic, problem solving, and wisdom gaining. If nothing else, start a journal just for recording delightful moments. Then visit it regularly. Check out the brand new VAL Journal!

3. Gamify your goals.
There’s a reason we like games. Competition, a clear objective, and reward. When was the last time you turned your goal-getting into a fun game! Book a strategy call with me and I’ll be sure and share with you about MESSy or FOCUS Bingo!

4. Productivity Playlist.
Music is a great tool. Whether you use it as a mood buster, soul soother, or powering up your cleaning, creativity, or workout. Create playlists for each goal-getting mode.

5. Mission with vision.
Remember vision boards? Yes, they’re still around, but these days we do them a bit differently. Pinterest perhaps? Sometimes seeing the vision helps you pursue the mission a bit more purposefully.

6. Jammed-up Jar.
Ever just lose your goal-getting mojo? Me too. Well, the best way out of a jam is perspective. In this case, collect your best quotes, mantras, and verses that snap you back to the mission and put them in a jar. Pull one out the next time you’re feeling your progress has jammed-up!

Here are more you can use as second quarter options when it comes to getting your goals a bit differently.

7. Color-up your calendar.
I love color coding my plans! It gives you a instant snapshot of just what you’re looking at on your calendar. Need help with this concept? Here’s a video all about it.

Don’t forget to come back and finish the list if you watch now! (oh, and like the video & subscribe to the channel…that would be awesome ❤)

8. Mindful Movement.
Let’s face it, our lives have become more sedentary these days. We need to move our bodies more. If you’re like me, and a workout regime is just to far fetched for your goal getting mojo, just try some intentional movement. Do 10 wall push ups, jumping jacks, or lunges after you use the bathroom throughout the day. Seems small, but it adds up!

Creating a menu of goal getting options can prove to be as fun as it is effective! Are you having fun curating your different menu?

9. Take a worship walk.
I love this one and don’t do it nearly enough. Sometimes I pray as I walk through nature, listen to a sermon or worship music while walking. This does more for your goal-getting than you could imagine. And talk about generating creative ideas for how to achieve them…🙌

various stop watches focused on the idea of Power hours

10. Plan power hours.
This one is as simple as it sounds. Create a plan of action an hour at a time and execute. Here’s a post with some tips how to put the P.O.W.E.R. back into your hours

11. Tech Time-out
This one may be harder than it seems for some. We are addicted to our devices aren’t we?! Intentionally taking the time to unplug can prove to be quite beneficial. Set some time to try it. If nothing else, maybe create a tech-free zone.

12. Puzzle your pieces.
Your goals are just pieces to a bigger picture. Create a printable version of that vision, write the steps to get there all over the back (this is where willy-nilly is actually helpful), then draw lines around those steps to create a puzzle. Cut up those pieces and you have a fun way to see progress on your goals!

Who knew how much fun goal getting can be when you think differently?!

Ready to keep going? Good! Here’s more of our no where near comprehensive list of ideas! Think of this group as your third quarter options 😉

corner of a laptop keyboard, some confetti and caption plan with joy

13. Savor the joy of planning.
Just like cooking up your favorite meal simmers up excitement to get it onto your dish and into your belly. Let your planning create that kind of desire. Pay attention to the ingredients your mixing and what “dish” you’re expecting. Here’s a post to help you plan with JOY.

14. Podcast Potluck
In our relentless pursuit of finding a new recipe for success, sometimes we miss what’s right in front of us. Ask your fellow goal-getters for their favorite podcast episodes that have to do with your current goal. Too shy? You can start with the Prioritized Focus Podcast and pick a topic that resonates with you now.

15. Symbolic Sightlines
Create visual reminders of your goals throughout your spaces. Think of it like a goal-getting treasure hunt! A beachy scented candle can be a reminder of a dream vacation goal. A sticky note on your mirror to remind you of your ability. A favorite mug, pen, picture… Get creative and make it FUN!

Approaching your goals differently is a mindset shift as much as it is courageous. But you’ll never know if you don’t experiment and try!

16. Fast Fuel
What you feed yourself will dictate your energy levels. I cannot tell you the benefits of fasting. Both of food and habits. Do you need a social media fast? Have you ever tried a 24-hour food fast? Fasting with prayer is the most powerful reset that I know. Take some time to decide what goes in your fuel tank so that it’s for maximum benefit.

17. Pajama Planning
Instead of dabbling your way to your goals, take a chunk of time and really plan. This doesn’t have to be boring. Take a day. Stay in your PJ’s and take up all the space you need to craft your goal-getting tactics. Maybe you spread sticky’s all over your dining room wall. Brainstorm with notebooks on your bed. Take-out and index cards on your living room floor. Whatever you do and decide. You can tweak as you go, but commit to something!

18. Book Stack Stimulus
What are the books that have transformed, informed, and helped you perform your best. Stack or display them in a way and place that inspires you to keep going! This picture is just SOME that I refer back to. You can’t see the side with all the stick notes poking out of the pages! And yes, my book is on top LOL

Finally getting down to the last quarter and fresh options to choose from for your goal getting.

19. Goal Garden
This is definitely goal-getting differently! Plant seeds, name them according to your goals and now you’ll have something to visually remind you to nurture and grow too! 

Deana smiling with a thumbs up

20. Mentor Match-up
In my book, I share about the importance of having and being a mentor. I call it being a middle-VAL which is a play on middle-man and what I call my God-assigned peeps, VALs (Valued, Amazing Ladies). Take some time to consider who your mentoring and who it is that’s mentoring you and match-up accordingly. This alone will help you see and achieve your goals differently! If you don’t have either, let’s see if I can help match you up.

21. Fun with Friends
Face-to-face time is so important to our overall well-being. To that end, how are you doing with that? I’m not talking about the necessary day-to-day interactions. I mean, intentional, present, and planned let your hair down get togethers. The beauty of the age we live in is that long distance is no longer an excuse to wait. Virtual game nights are fun and possible! And fun helps you relax and ease stress. That gets the creative juices flowing too which is quite helpful for goal-getters like us.

Saving the best goal getting tactics and how you can do them differently for last!

Deana Farrell's New 30-Day Prioritized Focus Planner

22. 30-Day Habit Stacking
We pat ourselves on the back after mapping our entire year’s goals.Then after February don’t give it our all again til the fall. If at all. What if you looked at every 30 days as a goal to prove how committed you are to your year-end aspirations? Create a winning streak for yourself 30 days at a time. Here’s my favorite tool to do just that! 

23. Leave the Lair
How many hours do you spend strategizing, planning, envisioning, and working on your goals? Odds are the longer you hunker down, the quicker the creativity stops flowing! Sometimes you gotta get up and walk away, take a break, and change environments. Breaking away sometimes leaves room for the breakthrough you were so desperately trying to force.

24. Praise for the Provision
I saved the best goal-getting tactic for last. When the mission seems impossible. The stamina has faded. Obstacles and setbacks seem to be the norm instead of the exception. That’s when you remember to praise God for the solution He’s already got in the works. This one action changes the atmosphere, your attitude, and the outcome.

Goal getting differently is only as effective if your commitment to the foundation supporting your ultimate vision. 

Keep that vision and the foundation supporting it always at the forefront of all that you do and pursue. That way you’ll only be goal getting differently as opposed to chasing down different goals!

Notice the difference? One has you focused on how to get where your going and the other keeps you guessing at the path and the plan to get there!

goal getting differently right there with ya,

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I’d love to hear what you’ve got on your getting goals differently menu! Let me know in the comments ☺

January is the perfect time to give your JOY some extra focus. If that sounds good to you too, grab this month’s 30-Day Prayer Prompts.

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