The 3 Keys every lady in leadership needs!

Messy desktop with Deana Farrell's book, planner and printable 3 Keys to Prioritized Focus

The 3 Keys to Prioritized Focus

I've been sharing these 3 Keys for years! I've adapted the printable over the years and even made some updates.

The core of the 3 Keys has remained the same and proven effective in keeping discouragement, distraction, and over-planning disappointment at bay.

This printable serves as the latest version as seen and shared in my book "You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece" (found fully expanded on in Chapter 6: Choosing Your Priorities, to be exact)

This one-sheet printable will either be a reminder of that chapter in the book or a new concept you can easily and immediately implement.

Here's how the 3 Keys to Prioritized Focus will help you: 

  • Immediately gain clarity and courage to eliminate the distractions that steal the focus needed for your goal
  • These Keys are like having 3 Secrets to make better decisions
  • This simple guide will show you how you can really become a Goal-Getter in your real life without overwhelming yourself!
Grab your one-sheet reminder printable now!