3 Places to Visit Before 2019

With 2018 quickly coming to an end there are 3 very important places you should visit before the New Year.

I know how busy your life is right now. Tossing the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers, wrapping up cyber week (sick of those emails yet?!) and preparing for the next round of excessive festivities. The thought of visiting 3 places before the New Year is nearly laughable, so I’ll get right to it.


Place #1 to visit before the New Year is the PAST year.

Seriously, before you can think about moving forward, you should first take a look at where you’ve been.

What did 2018 look like for you? What did you learn? Who did you meet? How did you make a difference in your life? Another’s? Was it different than the year before or are you living in a perpetual state of Groundhog Day? 

For me, 2018 will be one of those pivotal years that I will look back on knowing that it changed me, my family and our dynamic in the most profound way. 

Place #2 to visit before the New Year is where you are NOW.

Really, assess where you are right now in your life.

Is it where you want to be? Thought you would be? 

Maybe you are indifferent to where you are right now – it’s comfortable, complacent and you’re totally cool with it. Cool with it because you are making progress in closing the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.

Totally awesome by the way! This means that you have learned that no matter how slow, detoured or unusual the progress, it’s progress non the less.

Which leads us to the next place you should visit.

Place #3 to visit before the New Year is where you want to be NEXT.

So many of us can get caught up taking permanent residence in this place.

It’s the place where we can spend entirely too much time hoping and wishing instead of actively planning and executing.

Don’t leave your dreams there! Prioritize your focus to actually make progress to see them to fruition!!

The best way to get to your next desired destination is to find others who can help you get there. I encourage you to make your “who can help” list as important as your ambitious 2019 “to-do list”.

Making progress on my NEXT with prayer, support and prioritized focus right there with ya,

Last year I had a plan and shared it with you HERE – did you think I made progress?

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