It’s month two of a new year, how are those goals looking?

Maybe you are already feeling stuck, unmotivated or worse, thinking you bit off more than you can chew with your new goals!

First, you’re not alone. Now, take a deep breath and give yourself some grace.

It’s not the time and pace of the desired goal that brings the achievement, it’s the consistent progress!!

The day to day doing. The step by step. The moving forward even when you don’t feel like it. The lesson learned after a failed attempt and picking up and moving on anyway. YES!! That is what is going to get you where you are going, so just keep on keeping on friend!!

Here are 3 Steps to Make Your Goals Stick 

Step 1: Why this goal? Why now?

What’s the driving purpose behind making this goal in the first place?  We all have the same amount of time in the day to do things or choose not to do things. So what is the real reason why you chose to take the time to make and pursue this goal?

Step 2: What are you willing to sacrifice?

Our goals are not everyone else’s problem. We should be making the trade-off, not others. Get up an hour or two earlier to work extra, go to the gym, prep dinner, not tell the family “sorry, I can’t make dinner, spend time with you because I’m going to the gym, working late…” Yes, sometimes that happens, but it shouldn’t be the norm because you have planned ahead and discussed the plan with your peeps about what’s acceptable and to hold you accountable.

Step 3:  Who will you be?

Meaning, when you envision your end result achieved, what type of person do you see? Are you ambitious, creative, decisive, energetic, fit, generous, happy…(yes, I thought about doing the whole alphabet here, but you are intelligent and can see where this is going) Start doing what it takes to become that person and you will be!

Planning my goals and working my plan right there with you,

~ Deana

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