3 Tips To Finding Focus

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When it comes to making serious progress toward our biggest goals, most of us feel like we’ve lost our focus. So how do we get it back? I’ve got 3 quick tips for finding your focus again!

But first, let’s assess where we are right now when it comes to our actual focus…

On a scale of randomness & lost to…I’ve found my focused groove, thank you – where would we find you?

If we’re honest, a lot of us would be caught somewhere between “Look, Squirrel!” and a disco ball! 😬

Listen, with all that you’ve got pulling at you, on you and even down, it’s completely understandable that some if not all of your focus has been…well, lost. Is this hitting close to home for you? Maybe I just caught you at a time where you feel that you no longer have any sense of direction OR determination to “stay disciplined” when it comes to your goals.

First of all, you are not alone. Many of us have been there (or currently here) and will be again. So what do you do? Give up, try harder, look for help…all of the above?

I’ll cut right to the chase and give you 3 quick tips to finding your focus again when you feel like you just saw a squirrel holding a disco ball! (how could you not look, right?!)

How to Find Your Focus

(even when you don’t feel like it 😁)


Focus Tip #1: Create a To-Don’t List

We all know about to-do lists. Depending on your current reality, this could also be known as a wish list. Probably because of our desperation to feel accomplished, we call it a to-do list. We’ll even go as far as adding things we’ve completed to the list so that we SEE some sense of achievement! (psst, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that by the way…as long as it’s not a hiding mechanism for avoiding the real to-do’s – you know, the ones that actually lead you toward achieving your goal?)

Okay, so there is nothing wrong with a to-do list, but what if you could level up that list? Would you do it?

Well, here’s the secret to a done to-do list – having a to-don’t list. Sounds like work and almost counterproductive I know, but hear me out.


finding focus with a to-don't list


Think of the things that you need to get done. Got ’em? Now what would prevent you from getting those things done? That would be a to-don’t.

So if I wanted to write a new blog post before lunch (a to-do list item), I would have to be sure that I do not check social media, answer emails, decide to get a snack, do a load of laundry randomly text someone who came to mind…(to-don’t list items) See how I have to consciously tell myself what NOT to do so that I can get done what I know that I need to DO?

Bonus tip: You can also use a to-don’t list to create effective “trigger habits”. This is where you won’t do something until the to-do is complete.

Example: Once I sit up in my bed in the morning, I will not leave the bed UNTIL I have finished the 16oz water that’s on my nightstand. This is a to-don’t attached to a good to-do habit. And I set myself up for this every night before bed by having that 16oz water right on my nightstand so that I lower the risk of being distracted from that good to-do.

Take Action! Make at least ONE daily to-don’t that helps you toward a focused to-do.


finding focus this not that


Focus Tip #2: This With That Replacements

Odds are we all have good things that we can be working on and towards, but what if you took that focus a step further? By replacing a this action with a that action you can not only increase your productivity, but your focus! Who doesn’t want that?

Think of it as a gradual progression from good to better then from better to BEST! We can be so quick to grab a pen and paper and make lists of ALL.THE.THINGS. we need to get done, but how often are we looking at replacing this (good) with that (better) options?

I don’t know about you, but the this with that replacement exercise has been a real game changer for me!

Need an example? I could spend hours scrolling social media for inspiration on what would resonate with how to encourage my divinely appointed assignment (that’s you, dear reader- the “industry” would call you an audience, but you are so much more than that!) as Faith-Led Business would call it, but I know my time and focus is spent writing encouragement TO you.

Take Action! Replace at least ONE this (good) with a that (better) option.


decisions help find focus


Focus Tip #3: Hatch, Detach or Patch

In other words, make a decision and GO with it! I’m going to say something that someone needs to hear right now, maybe it’s you. Lean in, are you ready?

The only way to create momentum is to move. Movement creates a sense of direction. Standing still gets you literally nowhere. A “right way” or  “wrong one” can’t be determined until a decision is made, so choose one!

So how do you know whether it’s time to hatch a plan, patch it or altogether detach from it? Lucky for you, I wrote all about that here. 

Take Action! Make ONE decision today and adjust from there.

Finally, go ahead and make these 3 quick tips to finding your focus when you feel you’ve lost it, a go-to resource!

Working these 3 ways to finding focus right there with ya,

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Need a little more help than a 3 tip blogpost? You may need the Prioritized Focus Bootcamp Course!


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