3 Ways to Defeat Default Mode

It’s mid-January, did you already revert back to default mode?  

Do I even need to ask how that new year, new you is going?  {Sigh} January, the universally recognized month for re-start, re-new, re-ignite…something. At least for most of us anyway.

I choose to say it’s a “re” because for most of us, we’ll only tip-toe into the unknown, the BIG changes…am I right? 

Think about it. If you made a “resolution” this year (or any year for that matter) how BIG, out of the box was it really?

If you’re being honest, was it more of a commitment to finally make a big decision on something you’ve been WANTING to do for a long time anyway? (it’s okay, I’ve been there…many times!)

How many years have you made some variation of the same resolution?

…hence my verbiage choices of re-start, re-new, re-ignite… 

The reason so many of us have to “re-up” in the first place is because we are so comfortable in our comfort zones! So we make the repeated decisions to DEFAULT back to them. 

Why do we constantly do this to ourselves?! By “this”, I mean, default back to our comfort zones. 

Probably because it gives us temporary relief from some sort of expected or anticipated pain. Even though we KNOW that without the pain there is no gain! 

So we need to ask ourselves – “Self, am I going to keep reverting back to default mode in an attempt to save myself some pain now? (knowing I’m only going to hurt myself in the long run) OR will I push past default, handle the pain now so that it will be easier to handle my gains later ?” 

Duh, we know which one we should choose, but much easier said than done right? 

Here are 3 quick tips to help you defeat default mode: 

  1. Decide
    Make the choice to push past your comfort zone and MOVE toward your goal.
  2. Discover
    What it will take to help you push toward that goal. (aka the ACTION)
  3. Determine
    To PROTECT the decision to MOVE toward your goal, the ACTION it will take to get there and PERSIST until you defeat default mode!

If you continue to operate in default mode you will never realize your dream of achieving your goal and the “de-fault” lies with YOU! 

Deciding to move past default, discovering the actions to push and determined to persist until I “get there” right there with you,


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