Define your

priorities. Align

your plan...

those in business like you find the
permission, proof & push
they need to
pursue their biggest dream!

You may be in business, but are you
ready to MEAN business?

Your dream is NOT dead - it just needs some direction

from your core values, definition on your priorities and

to finally ditch the guilt that's holding you back!

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Too many have forgotten how amazing you are:


•  because you've been told their dream is too...big, silly, unachievable and other crushing things
•  because who are you beyond your history, labels, roles or titles
•  because you have become unrealistic about your goals, season, mission and that big vision
Instead you just continue to move from wish list to a defeating to-do list and it never ends!

Have you ever found yourself thinking 

any of these about your business?


Who am I to do this?
There are already so many businesses that are similar to mine.

I'm not ready yet.
Maybe when things slow down, after this holiday, I have more time, money, energy...

I just can't stay motivated.
Positive thinking is not enough. 

My area/market is too saturated.
Why would anyone pay attention to what I have to offer?

I'm drowning here!
I thought my business was supposed to help me work less!

I give up!
I've tried it all and nothing seems to work.

Let's get you walking confidently into your DREAM so that your faith, life and business can all align with what God has assigned for you! If you're ready - it's time for some Fearless Focus!


Fearless Focus Bootcamp

Giving those in business the permission to pursue their biggest dream,

proof that it's what they were designed for and the push they need to GO FOR IT with confidence!

The Next Group Begins February 2nd!

Don't wait, enrollment closes 1/31/2021
or at 15 members
 - whichever happens first

Enrollment Opens


This is a

Group Coaching Experience

designed to help you finally have the confidence you need to share your vision, live your mission and have a life and business that reflects both. (at the same time!!)

Deana instructing a workshop in front of a whiteboard

Week 1: Identify

LIVE Coaching Session #1

Your Core Values - the key to your best YOU

Your Business Market & Mission - it's super specific to YOU

Your 3 Steps to STAY focused - game changer!!

Week 2: Clarify

LIVE Coaching Session #2

The state of your 4 Frustrating F's and the goal to close the gap

Your custom Plan to put the PRO in productive

The Strategy to keep you Consistent

Week 3: Solidify

LIVE Coaching Session #3

The Routine that WORKS for your real life

The Comeback plan for the expected & unexpected setbacks

Your KEY indicators - owning your 3 R's

Week 4: Amplify

LIVE Coaching Session #4

Rinse & Repeat!

Putting it all into practice and gearing up for your NEXT 30 days of FEARLESS FOCUS so that your life reflects what you believe and your business attracts who you want to work with for you!


Meet Your Coach

looking up from using planner
For the last decade I've been guiding those in business, growing a business and even those wanting to start, to finally give themselves permission to realize their dream is possible!
I've been on a mission to compel & inspire fellow entrepreneurs and those in business to restore their focus on their BIG dream because it's exactly what God gifted them to share with others!
So goal getter, it’s your turn to push past your limiting beliefs (and other’s opinions) so that you'll have the satisfaction of knowing the vision and mission in your heart was not only God-given, but is yours to achieve. It's the gift you were meant to share with the world, and Lord knows, they could use a gift right now.
Do you like to be spoiled?
Do you like unexpected Happy Mail?
Do you like extra bonus trainings?
Then you'll want to enroll!

Don't Delay!

Space is limited to just 15 spots per course!
Each 30-Day Bootcamp includes:
  • LIVE  once a week topic specific training 
  • LIVE  Q&A to answer specific questions each week
  • Weekly email support with replays, printable resources, tools, tips & more!
  • Private Facebook Community

And more! (exclusive bonuses & perks just for members)

This course is just $97

and the last time at this introductory price!
Deana Farrell LLC 2020 Success Path

If you are ready to:

  • Identify how your values & personality that affect your decisions and direction,
  • Clarify what you are working towards and why,
  • Solidify the routine & strategies that work for you and
  • Amplify how to do it with confidence and consistency,
then you are invited to join

The 30-Day Fearless Focus Bootcamp

I'm so confident that you AND your business will grow from this course that if you fully participate and
show me your work
and feel this course is not working for you after the first 10 days,
I'll gladly give you a refund. No questions asked!


When does the course start?
  • The next 30-Day Fearless Focus bootcamp is scheduled to begin February 2nd
What day and time are the coaching calls?
  • The LIVE sessions will be on Tuesdays at 7pm EST


Will the LIVE sessions be recorded?
  • Yes. All LIVE sessions will be on the Zoom platform, recorded and available within 24-48 hours.


Is there any additional support/material other than LIVE Coaching Sessions?
  • Yes. In addition to weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions you will receive: 

    - weekly email support with recap, recording and any applicable printable worksheets,

    - tips and prep for the Coaching Sessions

    - a private facebook group for members only

    - an opportunity to submit your specific questions each week for a facebook live Q&A session

    - surprise, random happy mail & MORE!

Fearless Focus is what it takes to get your life and your business

where it was always meant to go
Are you ready?