How to Work 5 Opportunity Seizing Strategies Into Your Business

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Opportunity seizing strategies are the focus here today, and we’re diving headfirst into something I know you’re hungry for—making the absolute most of opportunities that come knocking at your door.

Imagine this: You, the fearless leader of your small but mighty business, confidently grasping every opportunity that comes your way. Your faith, your grit, and your passion are your superpowers, and you are more than ready to activate them boldly.

So, grab your cape (or your favorite power blazer), and let’s look at specific ways to increase your effectiveness in recognizing and grabbing those opportunities.

5 Opportunity Seizing Strategies for Your Business & Beyond

Opportunity Strategy 1: Own that You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece

One of the first things you can do as a solopreneur (or business owner) to seize opportunities, is to understand your worth. In other words, embrace your flawsomeness! Knowing you’re a flawed individual, but still awesome is a much more enjoyable place to be.

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At the end of the day, we’re all messterpieces in progress. God’s work of art, working out our individual arts for His purpose. So own your place, space, pace and shine!

Action Step:
Write down 3 of your strengths and/or 3 things that you are consistently being told you’re great at!

Seize the opportunity:
Choose to incorporate one of these strengths or your “go-to thing” into your weekly goals for the next few weeks. Watch what happens when you own your worth, practice with confidence, and embrace the beautiful messterpiece you are!

Strategy Opportunity 2: Prioritize with Purpose

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Prioritizing your to-dos and goals not only takes intention, but determination. You have to be very familiar with your focus toolbox and actually utilize those tools or things can get pretty chaotic. And no one has time for calendar chaos when you’re looking to seize opportunity.

Struggle with calendar chaos? No worries, I’ve got a one-stop read for you with a roundup of my best resources for ya! Click here to go to that post or listen to the podcast version – it’s episode #122

Action Step:
Identify your top 3 priorities for the next 30 days and schedule at least one specific activity per week that relates to advancing you toward those priorities. If you’re more advanced, incorporate a task a day for the 3 days and you’ll be sure to make serious progress!

Seize the opportunity:
Each week give yourself a review and reflect on any changes that need to be made for the week ahead.

Opportunity Seizing Strategy 3: Stay Curious & Adaptable

Discover is the second pillar of the Prioritized Focus Method that I teach and preach! Here, it’s an important key ingredient to this strategy. Uncovering possibilities isn’t possible without some discovery and to a greater degree, experimenting.

Fear is the number one killer of dreams, and the experiments and discoveries it takes to achieve one.


Adapting to change may not be our favorite pivot, but if nothing changes…nothing changes, right? For a goal-getter like you stuck is not an option.

Speaking of stuck, I’ll just let you know that it’s a symptom, not a status. Guess what the cure is? Growth! (be sure to give Chapter 5 of You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece a read 😉)

Action Step:
Identify an area of your business where you could learn something new.

Seize the opportunity:
Dedicate at least one hour each week to learning and experimenting in this area. Embrace the Discover mindset and track your progress.

Opportunity Strategy 4: Courage & Consistency

Clarity might be the thing you sit around and wait for before moving, but it’s moving that brings your clarity. Not the order we prefer, but sis, it’s the reality. (and yes, I have a blog with more about that. Click here to read it)

Let’s just say that it’s your courage that will lead you to the clarity you’re looking for. See why this strategy is just after the one discovery and experimenting?

image of a path with a light at the end and caption Your path to clarity

Get comfortable with trying new ways and it’s not so scary! Which leads to courage’s partner, consistency.

Sure, we can talk about showing up consistently in your business via your favorite (or preferred) platform, but you already know the importance of that. What I’m going to challenge you to do is have courage to show up and keep promises to YOU!

Confidence isn’t about being the loudest in the room; it’s about believing in yourself and your abilities. Your confidence is magnetic and can attract opportunities like a magnet.


Action step:
Start a confidence journal. Each day, write down one thing you did that made you proud and showed your courage.

Seize the opportunity:
Review and revisit your confidence journal every 30 days. Use it as focused fuel to remind you just how much you’re capable and resilient. Let this confidence radiate in you and it will most definitely show up in your business interactions.

Strategy Seizing Opportunity 5: Connect & Collaborate

You know the saying…

If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. Connecting with others is beneficial to you beyond just business endeavors.

Connecting with others helps you gain wisdom and grow. Think of what you have to gain from others insights, experience, and strategies. Who are your iron sharpenHERs?

Collaborating with like-minded VALs (Valued Amazing Ladies) in business like you allows you to strengthen your values and stay on target with your goals. Often, the best opportunities come from connecting and collaborating with others.

Action step:
Who are 3 potential collaborators or industry peers you admire.

Too shy? Not sure where to “meet” VALs like you? Visit the Focus Shop to learn more about opportunities.

Seize the opportunity:
Since you’ve been practicing courage…reach out to each of them with a genuine message expressing your admiration and desire for a possible connection or collaboration. Offer to schedule a meeting to explore opportunities!

Seizing Opportuities Beyond Today

Moving forward, you’ll want to remember to keep these 5 strategies:

  1. Own Your Worth: Recognize your God-given talents and skills and step into new opportunities with faith and authority. In other words, You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece
  2. Prioritize with Purpose: Determine what truly matters and stop the calendar chaos! Focus on activities aligned with your core values, mission and goals.
  3. Stay Curious and Adaptable: Uncovering possibilities isn’t possible without some discovery and to a greater degree, experimenting.
  4. Courage & Consistency: Get comfortable with trying new ways and it’s not so scary! Have courage to show up and keep promises to YOU!
  5. Connect & Collaborate: Think of what you have to gain from others insights, experience, and strategies. And how much others can gain from yours!

Trust in those skills you’ve practice and improve, those God-given talents gifted to you, and realize every twist and turn in your life is an opportuinity to grow.

Your assignment is waiting on you to light the way. Shine on, Beautiful MESSterpiece, shine on!

seizing opportunities to grow right there with ya,

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