A Valued Amazing Lady’s Guide To Marketing Her Business

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Forgetting that she’s a valued amazing lady can be a huge missing piece when it comes to marketing her business. If that’s you too, we’re going to change that as we unleash the secrets to finding your inner marketing maven!

As a woman entrepreneur, it’s essential to recognize and embrace the key elements that will empower you to market your business effectively: mindset, mission, and messaging. These elements form the foundation for successful marketing that aligns with your faith, goals, and unique voice.

Let today’s post serve as your guide. We will explore how these elements intersect to create a powerful marketing strategy that reflects who you are as a Valued Amazing Lady. VAL, that’s you, get ready to discover the missing pieces and unleash your marketing effectiveness like never before. Together, we will embark on a journey that will empower you to shine in the business world and make a lasting impact.

Mindset: Fueling Your Marketing with Faith

Embracing your faith is the bedrock of your mindset without it you’ll be tossed around by your emotions. At it’s core, your faith is what you believe, it’s your truth. When it comes to what you believe, is it true?

Look at what Luke 6:46-49 says about the differences between building wisely and foolishly.

Ask yourself if you’re leading/building/marketing with SOLID truth (foundation/rock) or busy following your feelings (emotions) and all wishy-washy like sand?

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and cultivating a positive outlook will always come down to what you believe. Oh, and time will tell if a valued, amazing lady’s marketing her business on the rock or in the sand.

VAL, you Valued, Amazing Lady in business, tap into the strength and guidance provided by your faith and your marketing will reflect your true mission. Speaking of mission…

Mission: Goals Rooted in Faith and Purpose

Defining your mission and goals based on your faith makes marketing so much easier! First, what is the mission?

A mission is a special assignment given to you for the benefit of others. It’s not about you. To that end, it’s not about a “market” you’re “targeting” but a mission assigned to you. Understand what that mission is, your aim becomes extremely focused.

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Before you can set goals, you first have to identify and own your core values. I believe so strongly in this that I have it as step #1 in my main opt-in for this website and it’s expanded as an entire chapter in my book!

Your core values are the best decision filters you will ever have. The sooner you identify them, the sooner you’re on your way to better decisions. Better decisions lead to clearly defined goals.

Think of your mission as the day-to-day plan you execute to become specially designed to carry it out. That day-to-day plan becomes the direction of your aim, your goals.

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Defined goals lead to PROGRESS! What VAL doesn’t need or want that?

Operating in your strengths and talents is the most effective way to propel your mission forward.

Message: Amplifying The Voice You’ve Been Given

Developing an authentic and impactful brand message takes time, patience and listening.

Jump too quickly into messaging before getting your mindset and mission clear will only keep you just another noise in the crowd. Instead of a voice that stands out and up.

Messaging is a way to stand in the gap for those you’ve been assigned in a way that they understand and resonate with. Often times who you were is where those you’ve been assigned are now. See, doesn’t that already make what you “need to say” a lot easier?

Communicating your mindset and mission with clarity and conviction is essentially what your messaging really is and about.

Connect with your assignment through storytelling. What part of your former self is “their” (your assigned peeps) story right now?

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Marketing Her Business Now

Things you can do now in order to create a plan of action to execute your marketing strategy:

  • Leverage digital platforms, partnerships, and tools to reach your assigned peeps
  • Look for support, accountability, and mentorship to stay on track
  • Keep the essence of your brand in all marketing efforts. From fonts, colors, style, to the words you use

As we wrap up this guide, remember that you are a Valued Amazing Lady with incredible potential to impact the world through your business. By embracing the power of mindset, mission, and messaging, you have the tools to create a compelling marketing strategy that resonates with your faith and goals. Embrace the missing pieces, harness your inner marketing maven, and confidently share your voice with the world. It’s time to take action, make your mark, and flourish as the VAL you truly are.

becoming the VAL to market her business effectively right there with ya,

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