It's time to move in the direction of your dream with some Prioritized Focus and SIMPLE SYSTEMS!



It's time to move in the direction of your dream with some Prioritized Focus and SIMPLE SYSTEMS!


It's time to move in the direction of your dream. The one where you are intentional, impactful and most of all putting the FUN back in functional!

There is no someday.

Your assigned people are waiting on you.

Imperfect progress is more fun than perfection!


Sis, I Get You...

(that's what I call the women in business that I work with to remind them what Valued, Amazing Ladies they are! aka VALs!)

Our dreams matter. I truly believe we were created to achieve our unique business dreams.

We all want strong relationships, time to pursue our biggest dreams and even dare to desire a successful business!

But often we let other things disrupt, interrupt or corrupt those pursuits. The #1 culprit is lack of prioritized focus.

Listen, as a wife, mom, business trainer, coach and so many other hats. I know how easy it is to get distracted and even discouraged when your dreams seem to drift farther away. I've been there, VAL!

But I have found a way to prioritize my focus and help my clients do the same.

Let's identify and defeat the distractions that are stealing your focus and step into your dream business.

Women In Business & Organizations Hire Me to Help Create the SIMPLE SYSTEMS that Work for Them!


Go from coordinating your calendar chaos to confidently prioritizing your focus!

Discover how to plan the right things at the right time - for the right reasons and goals.

Too many coaches want you to "fix" what they see as wrong. VAL, I want to help you define what works for YOU and create a SIMPLE SYSTEM that inspires you to keep going and growing!

The idea that launched a business...

I never set out to start a business and if you asked me who I would be working with, I would have laughed at the thought of working with women!

Maybe it was my all too many church lady experiences that had me intentionally distanced from groups and gatherings of the female kind.

As with anything in God's economy, it was all part of a bigger plan. Hey, don't ever say that He doesn't have a sense of humor.

I was frustrated piecing together methods that were supposed to work for me according the the "experts".  The courses were unaffordable most of the time and the tips & tools not relevant to my real life. (our real life, sis)

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe in learning from others, and I encourage you to invest in your own spiritual, personal & business education. I'm someone's current client and student too.

You know the saying, "neccesity is the mother of invention"...well, this mother decided to invent a system that would keep her encouraged, accountable, purposeful and profitable while keeping her faith & family the top priority!

Today, I help women by sharing this Prioritized Focus system in order to clarify their dream, and guide them through the process of living their dream business.  It is truly one of the most exciting things I get to call work!

And by work, I mean sharing my mistakes, mishaps and the most effective methods I've found to make progress. (yep, just because I love what I do does not automatically make it easy...the same is true for both of us.)





“...it absolutely changed how 
I’m organizing my day-to-day 
and how I’m accomplishing things 
that are ultimately getting me 
to my BIG goals."



Prioritize Focus Bootcamp Alumni

“Deana is the cheerleader I never knew I needed, but now I am in a much better place due to her guidance. In these uncertain times, I have launched my business and the future looks very bright!"


Quilt Concierge

“Deana is smart, confident, personable and she makes this seminar exciting and fun! "


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Are You Ready?

To trade your hurdles for hallelujahs?

To trade an overthinking mindset to an overcoming one?

To trade "their" definition of success for YOURS?

To trade struggle for strengthened?