The Captivity of Activity

How busy are you at being busy? Are you a captive of your own activity?

Activity can make:

  • the time go by fast. Depending on the type of activity it can even
  • make us feel good
  • even make us proud.

Non focused or non prioritized activity can leave us feeling:

  • overwhelmed,
  • frustrated and even
  • captive!

Hey, I get it – we have lots to do in our everyday lives.

Or do we?

How much of what we do is what we really have to do?

  • Watch that hour long TV show?
  • Do we have to check Facebook/email/twitter/instagram…first thing in the morning and then subsequently every….two minutes?!
  • Put off going to the gym/doctor/dentist/church simply because we don’t feel like it?

There are just as many activities that we enjoy doing as those that we have to do, but how do you find the right harmony?
(yes, harmony – I don’t buy into that whole “balance” thing! You can read my opinion on that craziness)

I’ve talked before about excuses – so no worries about a lecture on that now, but you can read about my thoughts on the underlying cause here.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time you know that Prioritized Focus is my “thing”, the one that I’m always excited to find new ways to achieve it and share those ways with you! But more than that – helping you to grow into the person you were meant to be is what keeps me passionate about finding those ways for us to prioritize focus.

So how do we prioritize our focus so that we are not kept (or caught) captive by activity?

#1 Have a Vision for Your Life

  • The long-term thing you want to accomplish – the “end result” if you will.
  • It is your dream, if it’s not, then you will always be wanting or even chasing someone else’s – talk about frustrating!
  • How much easier it is to work for a company, be part of a community or even support a church when you know and understand their vision?
    So what’s YOUR vision for your life?

#2 Have a Mission to Support the Vision

  • This is the reason WHY the vision needs to be achieved. Don’t underestimate the POWER of a mission!
  • The mission is what will help fuel you when the going gets tough.
  • This is the HEART behind your vision – the vision is the tangible want or desired result, the mission is the emotional reason you want it so badly.
    Often times the strongest missions, the ones that really move us to action are the ones that are for the benefit of others.
    If your vision is to “have a lot of money/business/free-time/children…” Ask yourself – WHY?
    What can the money DO? WHO does the business serve? What will you do with your free-time? Who will those children become? 

#3 Make the Goals it Will Take to Move You

  • These are your actionable & measurable steps (daily, weekly, monthly…) that support your mission and get you to your vision.
  • This is your vehicle that helps you see your progress.
  • Yes, even a job you “don’t love” can be a means to support your mission & vision. How?
    It pays, therefore you know exactly how much you have to save or “find” to close the gap to where you want to be.
    You know how many hours you spend there so you know what’s left to work on your dream.
    You have the opportunity to make connections and you can decide if they are worth preserving, protecting or avoiding. Our connections are huge in helping us recognize whose pushing us toward our dream or further away.

We could go sooooo much deeper into this, but for now, I hope this helps keep you from being captive by “activity” and inspires you to Prioritize Your Focus!!

Prioritizing my focus in order to achieve my ultimate vision right there with you,

The #1 killer of focus is DISTRACTION – let’s get you focused! Schedule a free Make A Plan (MAP) strategy session today!



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