Sometimes the only plan is to ADAPT the PLAN!

Sometimes the only plan is to ADAPT the PLAN?

Well, it’s the New Year and that means millions are adapting to the new plans, resolutions, promises, commitments, whatever… they made for themselves.

Most of those plans fall into what I like to call the Four F’s that totally frustrate and stress us out– ummm, that’s why we need a plan in the first place, right?!

Just what are the Four F’s that totally frustrate us and stress us out you may wonder?
It’s the “state” of these beauties right here:

  • Finances
    Are they ever “right” where we want them?
  • Family/Friendships
    Some relationships are better than others…
  • Faith
    It’s what we act on the outside because of what we believe on the inside…or fake it to please or fool others…
  • Fuel
    Is what sparks, drives, ignites the YOU that is YOU. It may be a hobby, a passion or even something you get paid to do, but it’s the thing that brings you joy and fulfillment!

Any one of these “F’s” can just put us on edge, at the edge or “over the edge” depending on their state.

Am I right?

If we don’t have a PLAN to deal with the state of our “F’s”, we could be in for a rough year ahead.

Or just keep recycling the same unwanted results, ahem, or excuses.

And by PLAN I mean…
Purpose: Why are you trying to eliminate, delegate or automate any one (or more) of your Four F’s?
Length of time: How long do you think it will take to get any one (or more) of your Four F’s “straight”? (are you being realistic?)
Accountability: Who’s going to be responsible/take ownership of what happens?
Next: What do you need to do, learn, find or partner up with to WIN the war against those defeating Four F’s?

Yikes! That sounds like a lot of work; adapting those “new” plans into our lives doesn’t it?

No wonder so many of us abandon our New Year’s Resolutions, commitments, promises, plans… before the Spring thaw!

Listen, we always have choices and here’s just two that I’ve made before:

  1. you could just abandon the whole New Year, New YOU, life-change resoluting/resolve bandwagon, because you’re tired of feeling defeated year after year.
  2. you try and try until you boldly take your frustration (or those with whom you share your fortress) to a whole new level.

Hey, like I said, I’ve been there! But if things are really stalled…you may look into getting a coach. (I know one wink, wink)


you can give yourself some grace and ADAPT your plans!

Wait, what? Change my plans?

No, ADAPT them.

Alternate route
Is there really only ONE way to reach your goal? Just like a road trip – there’s more than one route to get to your desired destination, right?

If you aren’t comfortable getting outside of your comfort zone and doing what it takes to move you forward…then stuck is where you’ll remain and you lose your right to complain!

It’s not what you know, but what you DO with what you know!

If you are not planning for unexpected things to happen (and they will), you just aren’t being realistic. I have learned from my coach to “plan like a pessimist, but work like an optimist!”

It’s about progress, not perfection my friends. Be grateful in the doing and extend yourself some grace for your pace! Your goal’s not a race, but a destination.

For me, the only way that I have ever succeeded in learning to ADAPT my PLAN is when I have increased my FAITH.

When I’m faithful to believe that I have been created to be fearless in the pursuit of the passion God has given me, then I can be focused on what really matters, move forward and usually end up with some pretty fabulous blessings!

And friends those are some “F’s” that totally inspire and encourage me to relentlessly pursue ways to inspire and encourage YOU!

So what do you think?

Would you agree that sometimes the only plan is to ADAPT the PLAN?

If you are open to some adaptations to your plan, ready to give yourself some grace, find your right pace and finally prioritize your focus to what really matters, then please CLICK HERE!

I’d love to hear about your plans for this year, the progress you’ve made since last year and your best kept secrets of how you’ve learned to sometimes ADAPT the PLAN!

Learning to embrace progress over perfection and mastering the art of ADAPTing the PLAN right there with you friends,


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