All Dreams Need A Good GPS: What’s Yours?

Everyone has a GPS these days.

They’re built into our smartphones and our cars (unless your car is as old as mine – who knew 2012 was “ancient”?)

Am I the only one that still goes online and prints mapquest directions for long trips? (that may also be due to the fact that I’m thrifty when it comes to saving on phone data)

We rarely go anywhere these days without a quick consult from Google maps, GPS or yes the good ol’ throwback, mapquest.

Yet, so many of us won’t give the proper time and planning when it comes to mapping out our dreams.

Why is that?!
Probably fear, uncertainty and unrealistic expectations, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post. Here, today I want to get you started on your own personal GPS for your BIG DREAM!

Now I’ve written a guide about building your dream before and I encourage you to go ahead and print that HERE, but hey, I’ll try every which way to explain it until one of the ways STICKS! So we’ll call this a “new version”..

Every Dream should have a GPS and by this I mean a Goal Planning Strategy.

First, the Goal.

What do you really want? By when do you want it to happen? WHY is this so important to you?

Next, the Plan.

What are you going to DO each day, week, month…to move you closer? Think of this as working backwards. Begin with the end in mind, make your to-do list, mark your deadlines and commit to them!
**FYI in prioritize focus bootcamp we cover not only how to do this, but also how to stick to it – yep, we even plan for the setbacks and temporary derailaments. Learn more h

Finally, the Strategy.

This is so important and goes well beyond the to-do list of musts. This is where your accountability partner is, where you keep your resources (I’d love to be in your arsenal of resources!), where your motivation is and most importantly and one I’ve just recently learned for myself  – where your courage community is.

Let me take a moment and explain the courage community for you.
This is different than your peeps who will hold you accountable or those you go to for resources or motivation. Your courage community is a “collection of people” you have put together for the sole purpose of believing in you. (ahem, besides your MOM!)

This courage community are the people who may not understand your dream or how you’re going to get there, but they believe in YOU and that’s all that matters.

There are going to be more than a few days where you are not going to believe in yourself and that’s when your courage community becomes invaluable!

So there you have it a quick GPS for your dreams!

I pray that you use it or any of the resources you can find here within this site. Now is your time, your dream is within you to be achieved so what are you waiting for?!

Navigating my dream right there with you,

Do you have a GPS yet?
How about a courage community?
Let’s hear! Comment below or share this post and get a conversation going.


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