Always Do Your BEST

See the BEST in others and you will see better results.

Is your BEST an accomplishment, a time in your life, a daily practice, an expectation or something else entirely?

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated thinking that your BEST is behind you. Or the opposite – you’re excited that the BEST is finally in front of you.

Doesn’t it feel amazing when someone else recognizes something good about you? Whether it’s because of something you’ve said, done or an attribute you’ve exhibited. It. Feels. Good.

The same is true for others when we see the BEST in them!

Whatever your “definition” of best is for you right now, I’d like to share something that could maybe just put our BEST on the same page.

Let’s focus on seeing the BEST in others in order to see better results.

That is especially true if you are a leader…a leader in your home, ministry or business.  Let’s not forget – the first person you lead is YOU!

Make sure those around you know that you will support them by…

Believing in them.
In what ways can you show that you believe in them?

Encouraging them.
You know how good it feels when YOU are encouraged – do it for others!

Sharing what you have learned with them.
Knowledge is most powerful when you give it away!

Trusting them.
This can be a hard one, I know, but a little trust can go a long way and GROW!

…not all about training and teaching them.

Think of how often you want others to see your BEST? That’s probably how often someone else is wanting to be seen at their BEST too.

So what do you say, let’s be BESTies!!  Imagine the interactions we would have, bring and inspire?!

Hoping to bring out the BEST in those I have the opportunity to influence,
~ Deana

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