Achieve Any Goal Faster By Implementing This One Habit

We all want to achieve any goal faster and we can, by implementing one habit in particular.

We all have goals – some goals we put off, some we are forever in the middle of and others we actually achieve.

When it comes to working toward achieving them, we tend to have our own go-to habits. 

Those go-to habits, the good ones and well, not so good ones are our starting point. (hey, at least we got started, right?) But there’s likely one particular habit that should have been implemented long ago.

Listen, there are certain things that any goal-getter knows when it comes to mapping out their path and increasing their chances to achieve success.

Things like:

  • Deadlines – whether a real one given by someone else or self-imposed one, a deadline gives your goal some urgency. 

  • Skill assessment – helps you determine just how much work the goal will require of you. (this is also the point where some of us either immerse ourselves in a never-ending learning circle or  worse, we “Goldilocks” the goal by the excuses of – the goal is too…big, too hard, too soon, too late, etc.)

  • Accountability – this one usually works best when someone else is holding you accountable…we tend to let ourselves off the hook too easily. 

  • WHY – determining the motivation behind pursuing the goal in the first place. If it doesn’t matter then it’s easy to not bother.

These things are all fine and good, and even great habits to adopt if you haven’t already, but there is one habit when implemented consistently could get you achieving your goals much faster.

Want to know what it is? Of course you do!


Achieving your goals faster is as simple as… tracking your progress. 

Sounds too easy, I know, but hear me out on this one. 

Most of our goals fall short of achievement because we “don’t see progress” and specifically, we don’t see it “soon enough”. 

Before you disagree, consider these factors when it comes to a goal you have right now:

  • What key actions are you tracking?
  • If you were able to answer that last question, how often are you tracking those key actions- daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly?
  • Do you have a plan in place for the inevitable setbacks? (oh, and there will be)

Take a moment and think about the goals that you have already achieved, the ones you didn’t and the ones that you just keep starting over.

I know for me, the goals that were achieved the fastest were the ones that I regularly measured and tracked my progress.

What goals could you claim achieved by implementing this ONE habit of tracking your progress?

Let us know in the comments! We’d love to cheer you on!

Working to achieve goals by tracking my progress right there with ya,




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