Appreciation Celebration – How Long Will You Wait?

I don’t care who you are, a good appreciation celebration feels amazing!

Whether you are the recipient or the giver.

How many times have you been publicly appreciated or celebrated other than a special holiday, your birthday or a specific milestone?

Can you even think of a time that you were celebrated, appreciated or acknowledged for your:
– work
– influence
– impact
– contribution

It’s usually not until our funerals it becomes known just how much those in our lives appreciated us, our life and the impact or influence we had on theirs.

Don’t wait.

Today, make a list of your life’s top influencers.

If they are long distance, send them something tangible. Texts & emails are great, but something you can look at and actually hold in your hand, will mean so much more.

Want something beyond a card?

THIS could be just the amazing thing you didn’t know you were looking for! (seriously, check it out!)

At the very least, verbally tell them that you appreciate their influence on your life and you just had to take the time to celebrate on them a little!

I wish I would have done this more and sooner in my personal life and in my business.

It’s never too late to start.

It’s never a waste of time.

It’s never a crazy idea to even host an appreciation celebration!! (what a great idea actually!)

Want a more tangible “gifty” itemGo here for lots of inspiration!

Learning the value and return on my relationship investments one day and achievement at a time,

I’d love for you to comment with your ideas of how to appreciate & celebrate others or how you’ve recently been appreciated or celebrated!

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