Are systems better than motivation for your business?

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Ah, the short answer is neither is better for your business. The long answer when it comes to systems vs. motivation and which to choose, is both. No, I’m not talking in circles, but am going to give you a rounded look at both of these incredible tools when it comes to creating a business that you love.

In this post we’re going to determine which is better for your business. Will it be the consistency and efficiency of systems or more of the inspirational spark that ignites motivation?

Setting yourself up for success is actually going to take a hybrid of both. Knowing which one to use when is where most get mixed up and ultimately mess up their progress. Not only is that frustrating, but also leads to severe discouragement. When it comes to creating a business you love, frustration and discouragement are not the goals you’re going for. Nor are they the goals your Father has for you when it comes to running with His business.

Benefits and drawbacks are within both the systems and/or the motivations you rely on when it comes to getting growing and going! Let’s take a closer look at them.

Motivation limits or catalysts, you decide.

Think of motivation like the vitamin to your business. Your business is the “body” and you need to fuel it properly, feed it with focus, and move with finesse in order for it to strengthen and grow.

Comparing this metaphor to both actual business and our Father’s business applies. So you can keep that in mind as you look at this snapshot of the limits of motivation.

Here’s the bad news when it comes to relying on motivation to get you to the goal line.

  • Motivation is inconsistent and unreliable (it’s based on feelings)
  • Because it’s often attached to feelings it can be, well…MOODY (at my age, I’ve got an opinion on that…you can read it here)
  • Bursts of motivation are great in the short term, but not sustainable in the long term (burnout, anyone?)

Flipping the bad news into good is a matter of perspective and discipline. Let’s take a look at the helpful side of motivation.

  • Feelings follow choice, so when you make the choice to do what needs to be done, your motion becomes the energy to feed the needed motivation.
  • Motivation combined with movement creates momentum. Momentum carries you to making progress
  • Progress brings enthusiasm and passion into your planned projects
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Taking into consideration the pros and cons of motivation and how it can either hurt or help your progress doesn’t answer if it’s best for you.

Before you come to any conclusions, let’s take a closer look at a potential alternative.

Systems satisfactions and stumbling blocks

If motivation is like the vitamin to your body, systems are the specific channels in which those vitamins get absorbed effectively.

Feelings, choices, and motion are the drivers of motivation. Structure, habit, and process would be the ingredients to satisfying systems.


Wading through the pros and cons of systems are important, especially before you come to a conclusion as to if it’s better than motivation for you and your business.

Setbacks of systems can include things like

  • Rigid routines and losing flexibility in your planning, procedures, and processes
  • Squashing the spontaneity and creativity your business (and life) often need
  • Potential to rely too heavily on the system and lose your ability to adapt to change

Conversely, there are some really satisfying patterns a system can provide.

  • Increased consistency and efficiency
  • A reliable roadmap to achieving your goals
  • Reduces the overwhelm and stress of decision making

Systems or motivation, which moves you closer to your goal?

Only you can answer that question, and here’s the thing, there’s no wrong answer. For me, more often than not, what works best for me is what works best!

While Frankensteining together methods can be a long and arduous process in itself, sometimes, that is a best approach.

You often have to try, fail, succeed, and try again before you are able to pinpoint what works best for you. Taking it a step further would be knowing when and where for those best practices.

Practices. That’s a good point to bring up. Having both the motivation and systems in place to help you continually improve is going to prove to push you toward progress the fastest. But only you can determine what those practices are and when best to explore, experiment, and execute what you find.

Determining if your a systems or motivation kind of VAL

Determining if your a systems or motivation kind of VAL

Leveraging the benefits of both while simultaneously being aware of which areas are not to your advantage are going to be up to you to determine. As a Valued, Amazing Lady in business that’s the juggle and joy you have to get comfortable with navigating.

Remember, I’m over here praying you up and cheering you on no matter which you determine is best for you. Oh, and I have some cool processes, methods, and discoveries I’d love to share with you if you’d like! Click here to start that conversation.

Dancing in the juggle & the joy of business right there with ya,

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