Are you a people pusher?

You may be thinking, what does that mean? A people pusher? Doesn’t she mean people pleaser?

Nope. I’m talking about a people pusher. As in pushing people away from you.

You’re probably ready to move on from this post because that certainly is not you. But you know my posts are fairly short and you’re curious…

When we are not attracting the “right kind of people” into our life, our cause or even our business, we are using the wrong roads.

Now you may not recognized the names of these roads, but let me know if the scenery looks familiar.

Pride Way
This is where your way is always the best way. You’ve “been there, done that” and therefore others should listen, follow or do it your way.

Insecurity Place
Ummm, if you’re not comfortable with you, others will not be either. This road is often uncomfortable for everyone.

Moodiness Avenue
When no one knows what to expect, they stop expecting and most likely will opt for another route.

Cloudy Street
Someone found a rainbow and silver lining, only to hear your prediction of rain, rain, rain.

Perfection Highway
Expecting excellence is wonderful; unrealistic expectations – not so much.

Now that you’ve been familiarized with these roads – ever been down any of them? I know it’s easier to name names of those we have met and probably even know, but self inspect here. There’s great movement in improvement and that’s what we all want right? To be better than we were yesterday.

Do you see how these are people pushers? Pushing people away from your life, your cause and even your business.

So here’s your PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the day – Don’t Be A People Pusher! 

Working on enjoying the scenery on Progress Boulevard right there with ya,

If your GPS seems to be glitching, maybe it’s time to check your MAP. You can set up a personalized Make A Plan strategy session here.

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