Are You Living An Unapologetic Life?

The word, unapologetic, literally just came to mind as I sat with my planner open looking at the thoughts I had written. Both coherent and random words, in the appropriately titled Brain Dump section. Am I living an unapologetic life?

My first instinct was to look for the biblical meaning of the word. That may sound strange, but when a word just comes to me like this, history provides the insight and proof that it’s really a divine direction. Not just a random thought or word.

But, this time before I got to delving into any biblical meanings, I couldn’t resist the good ‘ol Merriam-Webster definition (via Google of course), to grab a quick look at the “official meaning”. I do this to see if it aligns with what I believe the word to mean. 

Finding Meaning

Ever do that? Know what something means, but search for confirmation that you’re right? What can I say, confirmation just feels good. Now you know that this word nerd finds it by way of looking up words to see if I agree with their meanings. 🤷‍♀️ Need confirmation of my word nerdness?- Check out this post about the meaning of the word, word!)

As fun as it is to find agreement with the meanings of words; sometimes finding the meaning of a word is not something that I altogether agree with. (or more accurately, that I am aligned with.)


As a reader and aspiring writer, I love words. And have found them to be the way and place that God speaks directly to me the most. Do I see and hear Him through nature, music, other’s words and works? Of course.

But for me, finding the meanings, origins, synonyms (and sometimes even the antonyms) of words that seemingly “come to me” is how I find clarity in the message He’s trying to send, show or explain to me.

And today’s attention grabber was the word, unapologetic.

Defining it all

Why this word, why now? What’s the message here? Well folks, that’s what started this whole session of me sitting and stringing these thoughts together!

After reading the definition, which is pretty self-explanatory – essentially, not apologetic, I looked at the synonyms. This is where the word gets fun! Here are the ones that stood out to me as things that I admire and strive toward becoming. Words like:

  • bold, confident, determined,
  • unyielding, go-getting, self-assertive,
  • dynamic, energetic,
  • emboldened and scrappy to name a few.

Of course there is the other side of the word, unapologetic. These synonyms are not all that inspiring or flattering, things like:

  • brash, brassy,
  • bumptious (which may just be my new favorite word to describe a bossy, entitled type person),
  • cocky, presumptuous,
  • contentious, belligerent,
  • militant, pushy…you get the idea.

Pulling it all together

Where is this going, exactly? Told you, this was a spur of the moment journey, so hang with me and these thoughts. I’m going to try my best and tie this sense of what I feel God is trying to show me through this word, unapologetic. 

One word, unapologetic, yet as the synonym examples show us, there can be some diametrically opposing meanings. Isn’t’ that like me, like us?

We are each one person, one soul, one will, yet constantly having thoughts, feelings and even choices that are diametrically opposing one another.  

We know that unapologetic is essentially the opposite of being apologetic right? Or maybe so we thought…

Drawing the line in the sand

Apologetic comes from the Greek word, apologia which means “a verbal defense, a speech in defense”.  Hmm, so apparently being apologetic is less about being sorry or remorseful and more about a compelling proof or argument for one’s response to an accusation.

I don’t know about you, but I find this absolutely fascinating. Especially as a Christ follower, aka Christian – I say it this way because the word Christian seems to be another one of those that’s diametrically opposed to itself! But here’s the thing…and where our word, unapologetic comes into play. (at least for me)

Too much defense

How many of us Christians and those who want to be recognized as such, are found more focused on defending, giving plenty of lip service and speeches in defense of those beliefs?

Have we built a literal fence around our testimony and witness by being too apologetic? Was Jesus ever defensive?

Think about it, as Christians shouldn’t we be of the mind and stance of being unapologetic? 

  • Do we believe that God’s Word is an all inclusive guide book, love letter filled with encouragement, instruction and promises both already kept and yet to be fulfilled, or not? 
  • Did Jesus provide the solution to sin and a way to a personal relationship with Him for ALL, or not? 
  • Do we believe that through Christ we can do ALL things and that we are MORE than conquerors, or not?

I’m pretty tired of an apologetic faith, life and business where defense is the majority of the focus. I’d much rather prioritize my focus on being unapologetic about my faith, life and business, how about you? 

Restoring focus on becoming unapologetic right there with ya,

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    so much great information on here, : D.

    • Deana on September 28, 2021 at 8:44 pm

      Thank you! I hope you find more encouragement and useful info each and every visit.

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