I’m just a bag with swag

Ok, so bag rhymed with swag and tied in with my purse-onal vocabulary.

But really at the end of all of my failures and progress – I am  just a bag with swag and by swag I mean – saved with amazing grace. If you’ve been following my blogs, then you know that I also have some Titus to my swag. (you can read about that here)

So maybe it’s not the best way to describe myself, as a bag, but for the sake of this post lets substitute the word bag for the word, life. We put things in and take things out, we carry things, sometimes too many or even the wrong things can be found in our bags. (our lives)

Lately, I have forgotten how being saved with amazing grace is my most valuable asset and grace is the most needed item in my bag! I not only need it for myself, but also for others.

Among all of the things I’m trying to get done, to achieve, to create…
I’ve forgotten the value of grace.

In both the giving and receiving of grace is what really puts the fuel to a purpose.


Did you know that one of the definitions of grace is courteous goodwill?
When was the last time you extended grace, some courteous goodwill, either to yourself or to someone else?

Real swag comes when we share what we’ve learned or are learning with others for their benefit. Thanks to the grace and sharing from the Titus women in my life, I’m embracing my player/coach role in this season .

Will I always get it right? Nope.
Will I always want to extend grace? Probably not.

But, I know that this bag will never be perfect this side of heaven, so instead of having a panic attack trying to chase perfection. I’ve accepted progress as my new goal. Progress is my new normal. It’s comfortable, it’s doable and you know what? It’s rewarding.

Today, I pray that I made some progress by sharing that it’s grace that gives this bag real swag!

Praying courteous goodwill over you and that you make progress in your current season,


How’s your swag, your pace, your progress? Post in the comments

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