Being or Becoming, which one are you?

Being is existing. Becoming is to grow or change.

How much time do we spend just being? We’re just there, but not really “present”. Unfortunately, I know this to be true of me more often than I prefer.

BUT, I am getting better because I’ve learned to prioritize my focus on what I DO want.

Are you spending any time growing or changing into who you would like to become or simply being who or what you are told or expected to be?

Thought provoking questions right? I know I often times find myself stuck just being instead of pursuing who I want to become!


I find it very interesting that often times we expect more of others than we do of ourselves.

Whether it’s your spouse, children, employees, team or co-workers – we all have a certain amount of expectations from each of them. And whether you want to admit it or not, they have their own levels of expectations from you too!

I could write a whole other post about expectations… but this one is about choosing to be or to become.

Think about it – have you ever met anyone that exceeded their potential? What they could really do or become if they really focused.

I’ve known (and know) a lot of people who are not even close to their potential. Most likely because they suffer from analysis paralysis.

I know those who are actively pursuing to reach their full potential.

But, I can’t say that I’ve ever met anyone who’s exceeded their full potential! Have you?

So today (and every day) you have the choice to just be a human being or a human becoming! Continue to merely survive or strive to THRIVE!!

I know which I prefer for myself and it’s also the most fulfilling of the options. How about you?

Preferring & striving for becoming more than being,


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