Defined boundaries, less stress & more joy…

How do you define boundaries, have less stress & more joy in your life?

Well, I can tell you right off the bat, it begins and ends with two key ingredients: belief and commitment.

For many of us, we make the answer to this question overly complicated, yet the solution can be fairly simple.

It’s the execution of that solution that trips most of us up. A lot.

Depending on how strong those two key ingredients – belief and commitment, are in your life, is the degree of your defined boundaries and measure of stress and joy.

Take a look at that first element, belief.

Belief means that you accept something to be true or exists. It also means, you have confidence in that truth or existence.

Accept something as truth, and there’s suddenly more confidence in making decisions and even taking action.

Get distracted by an opinion or an obstacle, what happens? That belief begins to waver. The cycle of wavering is not a fun place to be and definitely not easy to get out of! (here are some tips about feeling stuck just in case you find yourself in a cycle of wavering)

Solidifying the basis of our beliefs becomes very important to achieving our biggest goals.

The stronger our belief, the stronger our commitment (that “other” element) to pursue that achievement. (whatever that may be)

I’ve written about commitment before, but didn’t tie in the belief factor, this is what I believe to be the separator of what’s achieved and what’s left wished for.

Solid commitments lead to…defined boundaries.

Defined boundaries lead to…less stress.

Less stress leads to…more joy.

Can you imagine a life with defined boundaries, less stress and more joy?

Being committed means that you are dedicated to a cause, an activity or quality.

We sure can be dedicated to paying bills for “stuff” we “need”, being “seen” in the “right areas/places” (oh, and our kids too) in person and online…and the list goes on.

Are we as committed to what’s growing us on the inside as much as we are busy “growing” what people see on the outside?

That’s where the rubber meets the road my friend, and where our beliefs reveal what and where we are truly committed to achieve!

Working on matching my beliefs to my commitments right there with ya,

This week – focus on defining your beliefs and how committed you are to them, then see where it leads!
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