3 Tips To Finding Focus

When it comes to making serious progress toward our biggest goals, most of us feel like we’ve lost our focus. So how do we get it back? I’ve got 3 quick tips for finding your focus again! But first, let’s assess where we are right now when it comes to our actual focus… On a…

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3 Ways to Defeat Destination Disease

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of destination disease episodes in my life. While most times it’s easy to conceal, I have found that as an entrepreneur, destination disease seems to accelerate itself more than any other area of my life. If this describes you and you can relate, the…

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Missing the Mark

Ever have the sense that you are missing the mark when it comes to your dream? Odds are we all have had those moments – knowing that there must be “something more”, but just can’t put our finger on it. I’d like to share a concept with you that has taken me years to connect…

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One Common Purpose

Did you know that we all have one common purpose? Seriously, we have ONE common purpose that we were not only created to live out, but uniquely designed and equipped to do it! Now I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty cool and a whole lot less competitive when you think about it, right?…

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Time, Method & Impact – What’s Yours?

You have been given a specific amount of time and a unique method to potentially impact others for their benefit. Are you using them? I’ve been struggling with my time and unique method I’ve been given to impact others recently, so I decided to take some time and journal it out. Before I write anything…

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Two Things You Need for Serious Focus

We live in an age and world of distraction on a daily basis, so what do you need in order to really find your focus? Well, while we could argue and debate over all the things you would need in order to achieve serious focus on your biggest goals, but I believe that there are…

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Remembering The Pause In Your Busy Life

  We can be so busy looking for the applause in our life and our business, that we have often forgotten the importance of practicing the pause. Practicing the pause in the midst of our busy can be more helpful than you even realize. Sounds counter-intuitive I know, but think about it – how long…

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Key to success?

The “Key” To Achieving?

While there are so many debatable keys to success, literally, I’ve seen 3, 5, 7. 10…but I believe there is something more important than a key we need to grab hold of in order to achieve our goals.  Want to know what it is? Of course you do, but first, let’s look at some of…

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Achieve Any Goal Faster By Implementing This One Habit

We all want to achieve any goal faster and we can, by implementing one habit in particular. We all have goals – some goals we put off, some we are forever in the middle of and others we actually achieve. When it comes to working toward achieving them, we tend to have our own go-to…

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