5 Lessons Learned in 5 Years of Business

I’d like to share five lessons I’ve learned along the way in my five years of being in business. As I think about the fall season winding down and winter quickly approaching, I’m reminded of how quickly the seasons in my business have and still are ever changing. Five years ago I never would have…

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What Happens When You Stop Planning?

If you were to google planning, you would get about 3,420,000,000 results. (👈yes, I really did google it) It would seem that it’s a pretty popular topic in need of one’s assistance. What exactly is it that we need so much help with, when it comes to planning? And what do you think would happen…

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You Were Made to Be A Hero

Whether you’ve ever given it much thought before or not, YOU were made to be a hero. Most of us have always had a sense that we were made for more, but a hero? That might be a bit of a stretch for a lot of us, but it really depends on how you define…

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Are You Living An Unapologetic Life?

The word, unapologetic, literally just came to mind as I sat with my planner open looking at the thoughts I had written. Both coherent and random words, in the appropriately titled Brain Dump section. Am I living an unapologetic life? My first instinct was to look for the biblical meaning of the word. That may…

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Snapping Out of Mood Swings

Ever have one of those, the chains on my mood swing just snapped, kind of days? I’m pretty confident to venture a guess of, yes. We’ve all had these moments.  I’ll be kind and say “moments” instead of days or seasons…even though you and I both know that we’ve had days and seasons of “snapped…

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Better Life Adventures Are Ahead – Maybe?

Adventure We all say we love a good adventure, but do we really? If we’re truly honest with ourselves, and others for that matter, it would be more accurate to say, we love to choose our own adventure.  As a kid I loved reading those types of books. Remember those? You’d go to your school’s…

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See To Believe Or Believe In Order To See?

Are you of the mind that you need to see something first in order to believe or does your belief allow you to see with clarity? Before you answer, I’d like to share a story with you and some recent personal insights about it, then you can decide what you see…or believe. Recently, I shared…

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