Bouquet snatcher or Seed gatherer?

When it comes to flowers, which is more valuable, the seed or the bouquet? When posed with the question like this, that’s easy to answer right? The seeds!

Yet, so many of us pursue the bouquets in life rather than the seeds.

Bouquets represents recognition and reward.

We love to see them, but more than that we love to get them! The moment we even see one and it’s not ours, we begin to envy.

We begin to think of what our bouquet would look like if we were to get one, why we would be getting one and who should be giving it to us!

We spend more time wishing and hoping for our bouquets, rather than planning or preparing how it is we’ll get it and WHY!

We become nearly obsessive with the wanting, but less than excessive in the working!

Some of us will go to great lengths to keep our bouquets of recognition and reward alive, but as we all know, cut flowers only last so long. As does our recognition and reward. That’s why it’s so important to not get caught up on “chasing the bouquet” as much as it is to plant the seeds.

With seeds you have the resources to plant a variety of flowers, grow a beautiful garden and have a fresh bouquet any time! Oh, and the variety you could have!

The seeds are our resources, the efforts of our pursuits, our potential for bigger bouquets in the future and ultimately what will bring the most satisfaction and joy. Especially when we have the ability to go to our garden and GIVE a bouquet to someone!

Recognize that while the bouquet is beautiful it is also:

  • an honor to receive
  • may only come around once in awhile
  • ENJOY it when you get it

May the bouquet serve as a reminder of the resources available for many more beautiful bouquets in the future! So please go out there and be a seed gatherer and nurturer and not a bouquet chaser and snatcher!

Pursuing & focusing on good seeds right there with you,

~ Deana

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  1. Hope Wissel on May 30, 2017 at 11:43 am

    I definitely needed to hear this today! I need to remember to keep planting the seeds instead of just wanting the bouquet. Thank you for being a blessing this morning.

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