Improve Focus with a 30-Day Brain Dump

Seriously, do you know the benefits of a good brain dump?

First, to be sure you and I are on the same page, a brain dump is a way of extracting all of the “clutter” rolling around in your head.

How exactly is this done? Glad you asked.

It’s pretty simple actually, but not always easy.

Why? Because you and I like to overthink things and start stressing about what others may think if they saw our brain dump! (sad, but true – amiright?)

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I write about goals A LOT. Not just about them, but achieving them.

Think of this as another one of my methods to help you to that end…achieving your goal!

We all know so many rules, tools and tips when it comes to goal getting. 

Good information isn’t the problem.

However, sorting and applying all of that information can (and often does) derail our goal achieving train faster than we can cry, “all aboard!”. 

Most of us can rattle off our goals and plans like they were the lyrics to our favorite song, but not many of us could show you where we have them written down.

What’s the #1 rule in goal planning?

Write. It. Down. (ding! that is correct!)

Why is that such a big deal?

Well, here are a few reasons why it benefits you to write down your goal:

  • improves your recall 
    * ever write down a grocery store list and never even have to use it because you remember it your mind’s eye – like you can actually picture the list without even looking at it. That’s recall.
  • seeing your goal improves your chances of actually achieving it (by like 42%!)
    *maybe your chances improve because you already took an action step – you wrote it down!
  • your brain protects the familiar
    * so when it’s time for fight or flight what do you think your brain will gravitate? 

So you may be wondering where the brain dump benefits come in to this “lesson”. 

Brain dump benefits:

  • physical lists are easier to manage than mental lists
  • frees up space in your head
  • takes away the feeling of overwhelm


Want to start brain dumping?

Step 1

Grab a blank piece of paper. (so hard, I know – but I have confidence in you)

Step 2

Create space for what I call your 4 F’s (you can read about those HERE)

Post-It version in case you didn’t click the link: 

Family/Friends (your relationships)
Finances (income/outcome)
Faith (your beliefs)
Fuel (your passions, mission/dream)

Step 3

Look at the next 4 weeks (aka 30 days) and brain dump all that’s happening and put each in a category from above.

Step 4

Decide the TOP 3 you will prioritize focus on in the next 30 days. (ideally 1-2, but no more than 3…really!)
The rest get a future 30 days (could be the next 30 or further down the line, you decide)

Listen, I know how easy this sounds and even seems, but when we can ditch our badges of Rockstar of Busy, is the exact beginning of a beautiful reality of actual, intentional productivity!

Try this 30-day at a time brain dump method and see where you are in 30 days. What do you have to lose? (I can promise you that you have more to gain) 

The A.I.M. workbook is an excellent place to get started!
Click HERE or the image to get yours

AIM guide invite with pictures of the workbook

Can you just imagine what some of your 4F’s could look like 30 days from now? And trust me, it’s mind-blowing what will happen just 90 days from now if you practiced this method 3 times in a row!


I just ask that you keep progress in mind, it’s not about our “perfectly executed plan”, but the progress that comes from measurable activities (the strategies) we practice all while being flexible working our plan!

Flexing the brain dump method every 30 days right there with ya,

THE BEST tool I know of to help you execute those 30-Day Goals is The 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner

Here’s how you can get one!




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