Breezy Focus in the Midst of a Busy Business

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Thoughts of a breezy summer may be at the top of our wish lists right now, but our agendas are often the snap back to reality. How do we get here, time and time again? Allowing busyness to crush our best-intended plans.

As women in business, we imagine a life of flexibility, freedom, and enough finances to enjoy in any season for that matter. In stead, we’re busy telling ourselves, “One of these days.”

Transitioning your business mindset from busy to breezy can be a huge obstacle to overcome.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting, running or growing your business, you need to stay focused on your goals. This post will help you explore options in finding your focus among the busy. No matter what season, stage, or sale you’re staring down.

Shift from obsession to focus. What do I mean by this? Think of how many times have you been more obsessed about

  • a product you’re launching,
  • service you’re spreading the news about, or
  • a post you’re crafting

than the reason for it and the outcome of it?

Products and services are the vehicles for our business, but it’s not WHY we are in business.

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Yes, it’s good and even necessary to have sales goals, the goal itself should go beyond “the sale.” Remember, there are people on the other side of that sale. That’s what your business is about right? Helping people.

Ahh, but not any people, your people! (I dedicated a whole chapter in my upcoming book about finding your right peeps!)

Explore your best outcome by understanding

  • HOW your product/service helps YOUR specific person.
  • WHEN your person will most likely be in need of your product/service
  • WHERE your person usually will be in the hunt for it (put yourself there!)
  • WHAT’S in it for them if they work with/buy from you

A breezy business needs a flexible mindset!

Psychologist, Carol Dweck explains in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, goes into great detail about the importance of a growth mindset over a fixed one.

Carol S. Dweck quote about focus and mindset

Exploring ways to be flexible in your mindset actually helps you in your business too, not just everyday life. (you can read about what I have to say about that HERE)

A flexible mindset allows for

  • increased creativity
  • better adaptability to when things change
  • less stressful about situations

You get to decide your path to success. You can use things like time blocking, theme days, or batching your tasks. The point is, you get to choose!

You can be flexible and consistent in your business.

Deana MESS passionate imperfectionist

Ditch the perfectionism. The biggest obstacle to overcome for overachievers like us, but it is possible. Dare I say, it just takes a flexible mindset!

You should think of it like this, imperfect progress is still progress. And we’ve experimented enough to know that the perfection we plan in our heads rarely works that way in our actual realities.

If you are still on the struggle bus when it comes to letting it go, I’ll say this. . .give yourself grace for your pace, space & place girl!

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 10 If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.

Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10 NLT

Delegation is about as easy for a solopreneur as giving up perfectionism for good.

Yeah, it’s super hard!! Even when you know it’s time to delegate, it’ can be difficult to accept the expense.

Expense is another important area to explore when it comes to finding your breezy business groove! Here’s a little secret that helped me come to grips with the “expense of delegation” vs. what it’s costing me.

Ask yourself these questions to help you weigh the cost vs. the expense

  • Do I really have the time & energy to be pouring into this task?
  • Is this to-do part of my strengths and skills? In other words, could your time & energy be better spent elsewhere?
  • Is there someone better equipped, skilled, and able to handle this “thing”?

Above are just a few questions you could ask yourself to see if what you need to be doing in and for your business is suffering because of something you’re trying to do.

Need an example? When I decided to start blogging in 2016, I knew I wanted a customized website. I hired a web designer who literally breezed me through the process! Heather and her team have been one of the best expenses in my business. I’m still a client of her programs and website maintenance today.

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I can’t put a price on the cost of not worrying about how my website works. Having a go-to resource for anything related to my site is something I’m glad to delegate and see it as a happy expense.

Workshops, writing, and creating tools and products for my VALs (Valued Amazing Ladies) in business is my strength and skill. Not having to worry or mess with website issues frees me up to do that.

How about you? Is it time for you to start exploring what makes sense for your to delegate? It may be worth a try!

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Explore more would be the call to action of this post!

Here’s what we covered and you need to remember

  • Shift from obsession mode to focused
  • Understand your business WHY & WHO
  • Cultivate a flexible mindset
  • Don’t resist delegation and help
  • Find the right resources and tools (ahem, I know some GOOD ones!

The right resources and tools can be total game changers for your business. Don’t be afraid to explore different options. A true goal-getter implements the info not hoards it.

You have to decide, what’s going to make sense for your level of focus, season, and definition of a breezy business.

exploring my way to a breezy biz right there with ya,

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