It’s time to bust a MOVE!

Big plans, ambitions and goals will never become achieved if you don’t MOVE!

Ever hear the phrase, “move or get out of the way”? It’s usually voiced by people who are moving in the direction they know they want to go and you are in their way of progress.

Do you know if you are in the way of your own progress? For most of us that answer is a resounding…YES. Owning our responsibility is one thing, doing something about it is another.

Remember every dream needs a good GPS (goal planning system)** or you could waste precious time being a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific!

Here are some basic tips to help you MOVE out of your own way and make some progress on the road to your goal.

Make the decision to do something. 

Odds are you know what needs to be done, you’re just procrastinating.

Own your ability.

Get help with the skills, tools or resources you are lacking.

Value the opportunities in front of you. 

Both giving and receiving!
(special note and super hard for the type A doers…value the opportunity to rest when you need it)

Expect to put in the work.

Most of us are caught up in the planning and dreaming of our goals and lack the discipline required to work for them. Instead of trying to achieve the same success as someone else, ask yourself if you are willing to go through the same process to get there as they did. We look more at the results than we do the work it took to get those results!


Looking to MOVE out of my own way right there with ya,

Because achieving goals is more about Prioritized Focus than the destination I’ve created some resources to help myself to bust a MOVE!
Maybe they can help you too? Take a look here




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