Calendar Chaos No More! A Prioritized Focus Blog Roundup

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Transitioning from calendar chaos to your most effective time management groove can feel like a no-win task. Like trying to prove the existence of the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny to you kids with passion, enthusiasm and a straight face. All while wondering if they’ll hate you when the day comes… 

See, many will die on the hill of having an “organized agenda” while clinging to the pretty planner it’s all kept in. All in the name of time management. Yet in this pursuit of finding the perfection known as, time management, we miss the reality of living our actual life.

Do you want to perfectly manage your time or effectively prioritize your life?


Gain some clarity around recognizing differences between calendar chaos and time management.

First, let’s look at what calendar chaos might look like for the entrepreneurial woman:

  • Overscheduling: Finding yourself accidentally scheduling two important meetings or events at the same time, leaving you stressed and struggling to manage both. (never even occurring to you to reschedule one…nope, gotta do it all🤹‍♀️)
  • Obsessing: Having long to-do lists that never seem to get shorter, while still adding tasks, resulting in feeling overwhelmed rather than organized.
  • Oblivious: Ignoring your reality for planned perfection. So you spend your time scrambling to complete tasks at the last minute, causing stress and a lack of quality in your work.
  • Overworking: Regularly missing project deadlines or forgetting important appointments due to disorganized scheduling. (or exhaustion)
  • Obligation Guilt: You’re conflicted about work when you’re with your family, and conflicted about being with your family when you’re working. Resulting in self-guilt! 

These scenarios are common signs of calendar chaos that many entrepreneurial women face, and they can hinder both productivity and overall well-being. Do you see yourself in any of those?

Now a brief word about calendar chaos’ goal, time management.

Time management is a skill, not a product you can just click and “add to cart.”

Deana Farrell holding copies of her book You're A Beautiful Messterpiece

Yet, that’s exactly how it’s told and sold to us isn’t it?

You can learn more about all that I have to say about time management as a skill in Chapter 6 of my book, “You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece.” But I can tell you this skill is not as hard to master as you’d think.

Once you get your priorities right!

Regaining control of the chaos: a blog post roundup for optimum productivity.

Bookmark this page so that you’ll have it as a go-to reference. Especially when that old habit of trying to control your calendar and time rear up.

The following are previously published blog posts. The goal is to help you improve the skill known as time management through very intentional Prioritized Focus.

black and white photo of Deana Farrell holding color note cards

Since we’re talking calendar, I figured I’d start off with a tecnique I love to use for my own. I call it, Planning in Color. Not only is it kind of fun, but it helps you visual recognized what your time is being allotted to.

You’ll also find tips about making sure:

  • your business gets enough Vitamin P,
  • discern which Frustrating F needs your attention the most, and of course,
  • color coding your calendar for productivity.

And for added measure there’s also a video version too. Like to listen? It’s episode #98 on the Prioritized Focus Podcast.

various stop watches focused on the idea of Power hours

How to put the POWER back into your hours!

The key takeaway in this post is recognizing your P.O.W.E.R. and then effectively applying it to your hours. And no, it’s not just about 60 minute blocks of time. Which is what makes this concept so powerful.

New year new you again with Deana Farrell

You can watch a video version or listen to episode #82 of the podcast.

Since we are creeping up quickly on Q4 I had to include this post –> New Year, New You…Again?

An unspoken, hurry up and get on those goals, when it comes to the last & first quarters of the year.

In this post we delve into the importance of calibrating your GPS, and no, it’s not what you probably think. Exchanging resolution for determination and even a Focused Roadmap.

Keeping the calendar chaos from stealing your focus with the right mindset & tools.

deana looking up and off to the side while images of UFO's swirl around her

By now with help like this we’re feeling pretty good about our ability to navigate exchanging calendar chaos for prioritized focus.

Well, let me just offer a bit of a warning and help for when you get caught in the midst of those UFO days! You know, Unmotivated, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed. Here you’ll get to the root of what’s getting the best of your focus vs. what’s getting the rest of it!

Lastly, we can’t talk about calendar chaos, plans, and goals without talking about where you put them all.

Your planner! Yep, I’ve got tips on making sure that your planner is the right fit, for you. A Goldilocks type fit. You’ll find 5 specific tips and the planner I’m partial to for the last 7 years.

Turning the Calendar Chaos into a Prioritized Focus business.

Speaking of the last 7 years, this September of 2023 marks that long since I decided to take my idea of encouraging women through blogging into a business.

Back then I had no idea just what that business would look like and depending on the project you catch me working on next, it may not look any different today!

I have learned that figuring it out as you go is perfectly okay and often the best way to get to your God-given “there.” Below is the exact formula I have used and continue to use today to teach, coach, and help get others to their “there.”

If you’ve read my book, you’ll recognize these pillars. If not, now you’ll see what you’ll find inside those pages.

using Prioritized Focus to cure calendar chaos right there with ya,

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