What’s the CATCH?

Here comes the offer…

We’ve all been there right? Eager, listening, waiting and then thinking, “what’s the catch?”

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly a decade and aside from being married and a parent, it’s also my longest employment record.

And like my marriage and parenting, it’s where I’ve worked the hardest, experienced the most reward, revelation and resources for growth.

Having myself as a boss has been both helpful and hurtful to my success.

One of the hardest parts about having your own business is the creativity, finesse, focus and discipline it takes.

You have to be creative in order to set yourself apart from all of that’s trying to CATCH the attention of your customers.

There has to be a certain finesse about how you balance information and setting yourself up to make an offer.

You have to know where to put your focus and when!

Don’t even get me started on the discipline it takes!! (for reals!!) *where do you think Prioritize Focus Bootcamp came from?!

Just like there’s so much “out there” to catch the attention of your customers, there’s just as much information designed to catch yours!

Things like finding your niche, avatar, market…

Where to find new customers, more time, energy, resources…

How much time you should spend on…

And the list goes on and on…

If we want to keep the business we have and still attract new, there’s a few things we need to keep in mind or really, what’s on their mind: what’s in it for me (the catch) and so what?

If you can answer these, you are keeping what THEY WANT a priority and you will inevitably be ‘catching’ new business. In an authentic, helpful way!

Here’s a tip list I put together for myself as a reminder that my customers are just like me – they LOVE to buy, especially when they can see and understand the value – they just HATE to be sold to!! 

I hope this helps you create exactly what it is that will CATCH what your customers are looking for and reflect just who it is they will be getting it from!

Was this helpful to you? I’d love to hear! Think it could be helpful to someone else? Go ahead and share it!

Looking to authentically CATCH new business right there with you!

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