better goal options graphic with circles and arrows

DIY Goal Getting – There May Be Better Options

Do It Yourself. DIY goal getting is something most have a love-hate relationship with. I mean, how often do you mismatch your DIY goal ambition with your expectations? Listen, having less than splendid results in your DIY endeavors is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as you learn something, it’s still progress. DIY goal…

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woman covering face with goal getting book

Choosing the right team for goal getting season

It’s time to choose a team, it’s New Goal Season, baby! The desires and motives have been set for your next great achievement! Reflection and Accomplishment are the names of this season’s top teams and with the flip of the calendar, it is game time.  These teams could become respected adversaries or just the next…

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New year new you again with Deana Farrell

New Year, New You – Again?

‘Tis the season and time of year to . . . evaluate your whole life based on a review and assessment of your currently closing last year. It sounds ridiculous, yet year after year, when the calendar is about to roll over, “new year, new life” is the mantra that’s top of mind and agendas.…

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Deana in questioning pose about dream GPS

Does your dream have the right GPS?

Having the right GPS is necessary if you ever hope to make progress toward your dreams whether in your faith, life, or business. Everyone has a GPS these days. They’re built into our smartphones and our cars (unless your car is as old as mine – who knew 2012 was “ancient”?) We rarely go anywhere these days…

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How To Be Sure Your Next Planner Is The Right Fit!

This planner’s too big. This one is too small. That planner has the most beautiful cover, but the inside is a little less than inspiring. This one has too many questions about my life, dreams, goals, and what I had for dinner last night… 👀 Sheesh! Is it just me or is finding the right…

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What Happens When You Stop Planning?

If you were to google planning, you would get about 3,420,000,000 results. (👈yes, I really did google it) It would seem that it’s a pretty popular topic in need of one’s assistance. What exactly is it that we need so much help with, when it comes to planning? And what do you think would happen…

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staircase with dream big one small step at a time

Big Dreams Need Smaller Goals

We all have a big dreams. Maybe even several depending on the season we find ourselves. You may have a clearer picture of your big dreams, while others may seem much closer to theirs.  And yet, there will always be those who have just thrown in the towel on their once was big dream. How…

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How do I find the time to pursue my dream?

Living your dream would be a real achievement, right? Then why do so many not prioritize the time to pursue it? Probably because pursuing your dream often comes with the belief that you’re too short on TIME & ATTENTION. Problem #1 No time to pursue your dream I have a guide to help you untangle…

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Improve Focus with a 30-Day Brain Dump

Seriously, do you know the benefits of a good brain dump? First, to be sure you and I are on the same page, a brain dump is a way of extracting all of the “clutter” rolling around in your head. How exactly is this done? Glad you asked. It’s pretty simple actually, but not always…

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woman with sticky notes and frustrated

How to effectively hatch, detach or patch a plan

Do you know when it’s time to hatch a plan, when it’s time to detach from a plan or when you need to take the time to patch up one of your plans? Just like there are stages to success, it seems that our plans have stages too. Most of us have no issue in sharing But…

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