Our lives are colored with choice, perspective and experience

I believe that God is a God of order, purpose and immense and intense love. I also believe that He knows us the best and what is best for us.

After all, He created us on purpose and for a specific purpose.

Do I really believe this? Absolutely! Do I live in the confidence of this knowledge in my daily life? Nope.

Why is that? Why is it such a long journey from my brain to my heart? 

Choice, Perspective and Experience.

We have the ability to choose our thoughts. We can see the glass as half empty or half full. And our experiences are the typical reason behind our choices and our perspectives.

Nothing is random, left to chance or just “happens out of nowhere”.  If that were the case, I picture a world looking like the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

There is most definitely cause and effect. Those causes come from choices (somewhere/someone) and the effects of those can cause great discovery, new circumstances and even unwanted consequences…depending on the perspective. These have and will continue to be what drives our experiences.

All of these above thoughts came after one of my morning devotional times. You see, each morning I spend about an hour or so reading, reflecting and writing my thoughts sparked by Bible passages and various daily biblical devotionals.

This particular morning after reading something (I honestly do not remember what) I immediately had the picture in my mind of a coloring page. Weird, I know, but hang with me.

I saw each of our lives as a beautiful picture that God had specifically designed for us. Each one was intricate, with a lot of detail.

However, there was no color. The picture was black and white. 

We were each respectfully made with wonder and with great care.

Loved enough to be given a beautiful outline of what our lives could look like if we took the time to make wise choices, have a bigger perspective and learn from our experiences.


I don’t know about you, but this perspective helped me “see” my life a bit differently. I have a lot of color and creativity in me and a big picture still to be filled in – how about you?

Let’s be conscious of our choices, have bigger perspectives and understand that our experiences are all just part of the color of our lives – beautiful once it’s all seen in context.

Working to embrace the picture I was given and creatively color it right there with ya,




  1. Kathy Branin on April 15, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    Perfect reading for me today, Deana!!! Xoxo

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