Choosing the right team for goal getting season Part 2

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Goal getting season is in full swing! Take a look around and you’ll see a mix between those who are crushing their goals, while others are already feeling crushed by them. Do you have a good handle on which group you’d be found in?

No worries! By the end of this post my hope is that you’ll at least be able to create for yourself some goal getting season of confidence!

Welcome to part 2 of our exploration of what it takes to choose the right team for your goal-getting season!

In part 1 in our “series” the two winningest teams were introduced, Team Reflection and Team Accomplishment.

Reflection was the first of the two teams we investigated a bit more closely.

You can take a look back at all the ins and outs of Team Reflection by reading this post. I’ll at least give you the stats sheet on its key players before we move on to the other team, Accomplishment.

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Now it’s time to learn more about the other goal getting leader season after season, Team Accomplishment.

Accomplishment takes more than a dream to be a good goal getter. 

This team is a fan favorite. They are popular, have a solid record of winning, are consistently in the spotlight and they know it – and like it. They may as well be called Team Dominance. 

Team Accomplishment not only has a plan in place for what they need, but they also utilize strategies like where, when, and how to practice.

Driven by their top 3 players, motive, mastery, and mopping the floor with excuses. And it has served them well and is the foundation of how they continue to dominate the goal-getters leaderboard.

Let’s meet the key players.


This player can be the catalyst of what goes wrong or what goes incredibly well. It’s the mindset behind what is planned and ultimately practiced. Keeping this player in check is going to be pivotal to keeping the team focused on the right things for the right reasons.


Proficient at making progress is this player’s claim to fame. Training and practice are what this player lives and breathes. This player knows just what skills to improve to the point of being the absolute best at them.

Mopping the floor with excuses!

This player refuses to give up seeking consistent refinement in their mindset, mastery, or moves toward forward progress. “The Mop” would be the poster child for pushing past the pain, and avoiding what drains them. And the first one popping the celebratory champagne!

Accomplishment needs to be humble about their wins, but unapologetic about the determination, discipline, and development it took to get them there. 

Team Accomplishment definitely has a dominance that helps them win. But they also have bouts with some specific distractions that can hurt them.

Neglect is team Achievement’s kryptonite.

Fail to keep why at the front of all they do, not only does Achievement begin to lose in goal getting, but also themselves.

If their motive gets muddy, it will mess up their progress and definitely their performance. They’ll easily lose interest and either get lazy or quit.

Team Accomplishment has both a dominance that helps them, but also fights distractions that hurt them.

You have they power to choose either of the two best teams in any goal getting season, Team Reflection and Team Achievement.

All you have to do is try out and see which team you brings out the best in you and your results.

Don’t overthink it or get too caught up in parts that you like better than others because…

You can create your own goal WINNING team based on the best “players” from each of these teams or others you’ve tried with excellent results!

trying out and practicing to have my best goal getting season right there with ya,

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Don’t give up! You’ve got this 💪 and I’m here to help if you need it!

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