Choosing the right team for goal getting season

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It’s time to choose a team, it’s New Goal Season, baby! The desires and motives have been set for your next great achievement! Reflection and Accomplishment are the names of this season’s top teams and with the flip of the calendar, it is game time. 

These teams could become respected adversaries or just the next opponent on the way to the ultimate goal of standing in the winner’s circle.

The same is true for you, too. 

Ready to leave it all out there on the field?

To GET the goal you’re after – you’ll need to prepare, practice, and make progress.

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When it comes to goals and getting them, you are both the coach and key player. 

How’s Team YOU doing so far? 

Which team are you even on? Team Reflection or Team Accomplishment.

Before you decide, it may be a good idea to meet these top goal-getting teams. Gain a better understanding of just what they’re good at and not so good at. This way you can see what kind of team you want to play for or maybe even build for yourself.

In this post, we’re exploring the ins and outs of Team Reflection. As you would guess by its name, this team is known for its thoughtful planning and preparation before proceeding.

It’s good to plan and prepare before proceeding toward your goals.

Reflection isn’t just a team name, it’s who they are and what they do. By deliberately looking at where they’ve been, they’re able to use this information to build a strong desire for where they want to be next. Outside of the comfort zone and at the top of the goal-getters leaderboard.

Reflection’s best players are the journal, the vision board, and the regular assessment.  Utilizing these key players heightens their senses to recognize not only what their BIG goal is, but what belongs in the plan, and how to prepare for practicing what they need to do. 

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Look closer at each of this team’s key players. 

The Journal

The value of getting thoughts, ideas, reflections, and even worries out of the head and onto paper is this player’s key strength. 

Delayed advancement is the setback when the time’s not taken time to brain dump. When mental clutter is allowed to build up the lack of clarity becomes evident and progress is slowed. 

The Journal sees patterns begin to emerge, and from patterns, it’s easier to build processes that help create progress.

The Vision Board 

Often underutilized and definitely an overlooked team member is the Vision Board. Whether others appreciate this member or not, visualization is such an integral part of any winner’s protocol! 

Have you ever heard an Olympic athlete say they just thought they’d try out for the games? NO! They’ll be the first to tell you they’ve dreamed about it for years! They imagined themselves there and envisioned themselves one day standing on the podium. 

It is scientifically proven that your brain will not only gravitate to what’s familiar but work to protect it. Winners make it a regular practice to familiarize themselves (and their brains) with what winning looks and feels like. They understand the power of visualization

The Vision Board can be displayed for all to see, or on ‘the bench’ for just the coach and other players. It’s strength is to inspire and as a key team member and should be looked to often.

The Regular Assessment 

Oh, this is the player everyone loves, especially when the stats point to all that’s going right. Data is the usable results of Regular Assessment.  

It’s the player that shows the gaps between what’s working and what’s not. This player helps speed up the improvement process quickly because of the ability to troubleshoot and move past what’s not working.

Faster than its fans leave after a big loss, is exactly how quickly the goals can spiral away if the Regular Assessment is left unheard. The biggest culprit that can creep up if unchecked, is daydreaming more than doing. 

Overcoming mistakes, mishaps, and missteps, only come from recognizing what they are and practicing ways to significantly decrease them and even eliminate them wherever possible. When the Regular Assessment is engaged, the chances of becoming leaders on the goal-getters scoreboard increase.

Team Reflection’s, best use for success is knowing what fuels the desire to win and using that information to formulate a plan (what’s needed) and put it into a practice (system) that keeps excitement, engagement, and execution to the point of excellence.

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Now that you have a good understanding of this team, Reflection, next time we’ll get a closer look at the other top goal-getter, Accomplishment. But before you go, here are some reminders about Team Reflection. Use what they know to make what you DO better!

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