Finding the classroom lesson in the midst of a crisis

It’s been said that in every crisis a classroom can be found.

Raise your hand if you are not a fan of being found a current student in this particular classroom.

We are truly living in an unprecedented time.

History is being written right before our eyes, faster than our blue light reflecting screens can keep up! 

It’s too early to really say what the Covid-19 lessons are in the big picture of things, but I think it’s safe to say we sure are learning a lot on our own.

But really isn’t that the case in any crisis?

We can’t necessarily see the lessons right away because we are too close to the situation. We are still in survival mode.

Think about the lessons learned from your own personal crises – past and present.

Did you learn who your true friends were?

Find out how people really felt about you, your situation, your response? 

Were you surprised by the outpouring of support or devastated by the lack of it?

When you look beyond the things that were beyond your control, what was it that YOU learned

How did that “thing” that nearly broke, busted or disgusted you, turn into a positive lesson learned?

Maybe you can think of a thing or two right off the top of your head or maybe it’s still too raw to see the lesson in this crisis classroom just yet.

Here are 5 lessons that can be learned in the classroom called crisis:

Lesson #1

Our priorities become well, a priority. Maybe for the very first time or the first time in a really long time. Either way, what matters really matters now.

Lesson #2

Our fight or flight defense becomes evident to us for sure, but may not be as obvious to others. Check to see if your “go-to” response is to retreat and isolate or if you find yourself fighting to find your community to help you rally.

Lesson #3

We either became better or bitter. There’s not really an in-between with this one. You’ll either come out with a glass half full perspective or someone drank from your glass and you’re not happy about it.

Lesson #4

This one goes hand in hand with Lesson #1, because by identifying what matters helps us become incredibly FOCUSED. Yep, when we get our priorities right and focus on what matters most, decisions become easier to make. Yes and no are no brainers, the hesitation now comes between better and best.

Lesson #5

Like the revelation that comes with Lesson #2, this lesson pushes us to either seek truth for ourselves or believe others as our own. Don’t worry, this is not one that you have to answer. We will know if you are a truth seeker or believer of someone else’s by the way you live. Interesting that no one needs to be an expert to spot a fake.

No matter which side of the classroom you find yourself right now, I hope that you realize that there will be a lesson in there somewhere. Even if you have to dig for it.

Improving my quarantine 101 skills right there with ya,


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