How solid are your commitments?

Saying YES or NO to someone or something is really showing your commitment to your boundaries.

Or lack of commitment to your boundaries…

Yep, it’s that simple. Ahhh, simple, but not easy!

We sure do have a tough time with our YES and NO; not in expressing them, but respecting both the commitments behind the ones we give and the ones that are given to us.

I’ve been asking what the biggest frustration  is right now in your lives, and there are two answers that come up every single time.

One is overwhelm.

I’m consistently hearing explanation after explanation of how so many of you are just crushed by all that you have to do (or want to) that you are now essentially experts in procrastination or paralyzation.

The other big frustration you’re all having is time. (not shocking) Specifically, not enough of it.

And may I just point out that the biggest factor in whether or not there is “enough time” is within the word itself? Take away the “T” and you have “I” and “ME”, but that can’t be it…

These frustrations, overwhelm and not enough time, are actually symptoms of a bigger issue.


That issue is neglecting to take care of any one of or combination of what I’ve dubbed the Frustrating Four F’s :

  • Family/friends – these are our relationships
  • Faith – this is the core of what you believe
  • Fuel – this is what ignites you to keep on keepin’ on, the WHY you won’t give up
  • Finances – this is what prevents you or propels you to your ultimate desire

Think about it, when any one of these “F’s” are out of whack, how’s your frustration level? 


I have also found (the hard way and via LOTS of trial and error) there’s a simple solution. Again, simple, but not easy. I’ve dubbed it, Prioritized Focus.

Prioritized Focus can BEGIN when you can commit to:

  • WHAT top priority you are going to focus on this season (that right there is super-duper important)
  • WHEN you are going to consistently take action on that top priority (how many times a week, month, quarter)
  • WHY you are going to stick with it, even when things get hard (and they will)
  • HOW you are going to implement your plan (because you DO have one)

WHERE you end up will not be a surprise, but an amazing testament to your commitment to succeed!

So we end where we began…how solid are your commitments? 

Does your YES and NO (whether that’s to another or yourself) protect your boundaries or prove that your fence needs some serious repair? 

Practicing prioritized focus to keep my fence mending to a minimum right there with ya,

Sometimes we just need to assess where we ARE before we can say or plan anything – I get it! If that’s the case, check these out:

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