3 Things to consider before you join a direct sales company

Have you ever considered direct sales? I’m sure you at least know someone who is in direct sales  or have even been part of direct sales before. Well, have you checked it out lately? If you still have in your mind’s eye the 1950’s tupperware lady, boy you need to catch up…

It’s early October and already the holiday season marketing is upon us. With that comes the pressure of not only finding the right gift, but how to pay for it!
It seems the standard time of year that has people looking for part-time work, but nowadays people want the extra dime on their time. 

Whether you call it a ‘side hustle’ or part of the ‘gig economy’ people want the ability to earn unlimited amount of extra money while still maintaining their other responsibilities.

Enter – direct sales.
The direct sales model is really a wonderful solution to those who have an entrepreneurial mindset, but not necessarily the money to start a business.
Check out this video from the Direct Selling Association for a great explanation of not only the opportunity, but the impact of direct sales.


So now that you have a better understanding of just what direct sales is, let’s get to some things you should consider.

3 things to consider before joining a direct sales company

1. You are in agreement with the company’s core values.
This one is often overlooked and quite frankly I think is very important! How could you be an independent representative for a company you do not agree with their core values or mission?

2. What are you looking to be your greatest gain?
It’s not all about the money, but what the money can do.

If the greatest gain is extra money…how much?
Are we talking a car payment, mortgage payment, a vacation, college loans, kids extracurricular/tuition or are we looking to replace an income? Put a # on it!

If the greatest gain is being part of something bigger...a community.
Maybe you are someone who is shy, unsure of yourself, often feels left out and are looking for a safe way to push past your comfort zone and make connections that could turn into meaningful relationships. Direct sales can not only be your biggest support system & cheerleader, but you will most definitely end up with friends you never knew you needed!

If the greatest gain is time…how much?
I said earlier that it’s not all about the money, but what the money can do.  Think of how much time you have now – we all have the same 24 hours. Is any of that time spent doing things that you find rewarding? So ask yourself if you are willing to put the time into your direct sales business that will get you to the place that becomes rewarding. This takes us back to what the money can do…

3. The more you know and understand your greatest gain and make it a priority – the easier it will be to overcome some of the “hard stuff”.

Here’s some of the “hard stuff”:

Lack of support from your family or inner circle – you know what I’m talking about…the endless list of all the reasons it ‘won’t work’, the countless people they know that ‘tried & failed’ including their Aunt Sally’s sister’s friend… Let me give you some encouragement and advice – remember YOU are working this business, not them or the less motivated and less determined people they mentioned. Your success can only be determined and achieved by you. (remember that when you are enjoying a tasty beverage with your toes in the sand from the trip you earned as a company reward or could finally afford to reward yourself!)

Rejection. Wish it weren’t a reality, but the truth is IT is and you’re going to have to learn to deal with it. You are going to hear “no” and it’s OKAY.  Just remember they are rejecting the offer, not you! Here’s a tip: people say “no” to what they don’t understand so be sure to keep your offer clear, beneficial to them and in line with what they value. Trust me, it gets easier and your offers get better and your team and upline have lots of tips and encouragement!

If you happen to find yourself wanting to try it I’d be happy to link you up with any of my direct sales friends!

Keep in mind each reason to join and each season of life is different, but if you have an open mind to the possibilities, I can promise you the journey is one that is priceless. I know I wouldn’t be where I am and loving what I’m doing now if it weren’t for what I gained from my time in direct sales! It’s not about what you do, but who you become!

I would love to hear your thoughts and even experiences with direct sales – post in the comments!

Praying no matter what your ‘gig’ you find it encouraging & rewarding,

~ Deana

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