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We love our planners…

But unfortunately, far too many of us never seem to move past the excitement of a new planner and the planning to… actual Goal Getting!

Oh, we talk a good game and promise ourselves that “this time will be different”, only to find ourselves binging on anything time-management related in hopes of improving our goal getting chances.

Well, I hate to break it to you but, time-management is NOT your problem when it comes to goal getting. Lacking Prioritized Focus is the problem. While you may want to argue it’s the same, but it is not – womp, womp, womp…

Does this sound like you?

The disorganization in your brain has finally drove you to do something.

So…you went and bought the pretty planner, the one with the inspiring cover, then added the separator tabs, plus the reminder stickers because you know that will help. Then you spend an entire afternoon with the specially formulated for your planner, colored pens and mapped out your master plan for the year.

Then after about three weeks (or months if you’re really committed) you are uninspired, lost your motivation to achieve that goal and give up. Until…you are sick and tired again and go on the hunt for the “perfect planner” with the inspiring cover.

If that sounds familiar (all too familiar), then this is a place for YOU!

Focused Goal Getters is a monthly membership designed to give you:

  • The PERMISSION to finally ditch the guilt over your “lack of time management” skills when it comes to achieving your goalsthat’s not the issue

  • The PROOF that you can begin where you are right now and learn to leverage the Valued Amazingness of YOU like no one else can – there’s no goal you won’t be getting when you decide to go for it!

  • The encouraging PUSH you need from the outside to keep going what you’ve inspired on the inside and that your goal is not contingent on others opinions about it

Focused Goal Getters is like giving yourself the gift of accomplishment!

Instead of a 4, 6 or 12 week intensive course that works great while you are in it and have the time to participate, this is an ongoing growth process. Each monthly FOCUS is designed to help you Prioritize yours in order to achieve your 30-day at a time goals – one week at a time!

Once you learn and apply Deana’s signature system of Prioritized Focus 30-day at a time approach to your goals, you’ll be making progress and feeling so much lighter! Lighter because for one, you’re not lugging a year’s worth of plans with you and two, you’re finally feeling in control and making progress is a great feeling!

Focused Goal Getters
Monthly Membership includes:

  • A 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner mailed each month of membership (yep, a physical product to your door!)

  • This planner has a monthly calendar, week at a glance planning pages, daily pages with encouragement and room to write, weekly accountability assessments and a final 30-day assessment. What good is logging your plans if you don’t SEE your progress?

  • topics/training specific to supporting each month’s focused theme released weekly (some may also include a video, printable worksheets,…) It’s like have an on-demand trainer personalized to your 30-day goals.

  • Monthly LIVE zoom calls to provide encouragement, tips and support for each new 30 days ahead (these are always fun and include prize drawings!) Deana loves to hop in front of the whiteboard and show you how to personalize the strategies and use the tools you have to make Goal Getting work in REAL life – yours!

  • Exclusive Membership Community via Facebook to connect with other Focused Goal Getters like you, plus added tips, methods, resources and encouragement that Deana shares!

Focused Goal Getters Monthly Membership is Only $27 per month for those who join before 10/15/20

This pricing is offered for the FIRST month’s members who LOCK IN the monthly price of $27 for the duration of their membership! But offer only valid to founding members who join before 10/15/20 then it goes up! The 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner alone is $17.95, but it’s included with your monthly membership. Yes, you’ll get a new planner each month you are a member!

Are you ready to finally become a Focused Goal Getter?