Creating your mmm, good business in 5 steps

If you recognize mmm, good as a slogan from Campbell’s soup, then a) you’ve been around awhile, and b) they’ve done their job when it comes to marketing their business.

Although the campaigns and even spellings of mmm, good have changed over the years, the slogan has not. As a matter of fact, that slogan has been part of Campbell’s soup marketing since the 1930s! Now that’s impressive.

Impressive because as a company, you have to find a way, or ways, to connect your market with your product or service. Hence, the name marketing. 

Think of marketing as a magnet.
Attracting the right people to your business.

As creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business growers, we are all too familiar with the importance of marketing, but maybe a little less truthful with ourselves when it comes to understanding it. Oh, we’re pretty good at a few things when it comes to our marketing. Let me know if you too are guilty of these marketing mishaps. 

Common marketing mistakes & mishaps:

  1. Mimicking someone else’s successful marketing, and wondering why it’s not sustainable for you. 
  2. Making excuses as to why your marketing isn’t working. (algorithm, timing, platform, etc.)
  3. Moving on to another platform using the same tactics expecting different results.

Now before you assume that I’m some type of expert in marketing, let me assure you that I am NOT. I am getting better though, thanks to Wise Owl Marketing. (See? They even have marketing in their name 😉) 

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I am however, an expert in connecting the dots between one’s God-given purpose and using their business as a vehicle to live it productively in real life. So I’m over here researching and experimenting until I find processes that work! Then sharing them. 

This post is a bit of a collection of those things when it comes to marketing your business.

In practical terms, I’ve found there’s kind of a “formula” for identifying what’s going to make your marketing mmm, m’m good. And I’ve broken it down into 5 steps that all begin with “M” 😁

5 steps to mmm, good business

The 5 steps to creating a business that’s mmm, m’m good.

Step 1: Message

Think of this as answering the, what question. As in, what are your experiences, perspectives, and beliefs on the particular topic, issue, or product that your “market” is seeking? Answering these “what” questions helps you formulate your core message. 

Speaking of core, without really knowing who you are beyond titles, labels, and past histories, you’ll have a tough time keeping yourself centered and focused on the right message, yours. Core values are also your best decision filters. 

If you need help with that, the Prioritized Focus Guide is an excellent place to start! Click here or the image

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When people come to you there is some type of “mess” that they are in and want to get out of – this is where your message becomes the invitation to whether or not you can help them.

Message → is what you understand about “a particular mess” and the hope you offer to help them

Step 2: Market

Regardless if you are an online, pop-up, or brick-and-mortar business, your market is about where your particular genius is needed. Did you catch that last part? 

Market is not about finding your ideal avatar, your target audience, or potential customer/buyer. Yes, these are all industry terms we are all too familiar with when it comes to marketing for our business. And while “it works” is it really the best focus?

Do you like the thought of you being just a “market” to every website, social scroll, commercial, or advertisement you encounter? Of course not! What resonates is…the message. 

The same is true for your people. As a matter of fact, what if you thought of those that resonate with your message as your assignment instead of “your people” or “market”? 

With that mindset, you can SHOW UP…

  • in the places where your particular genius is needed, 
  • where you’re relevant and responded to, and 
  • where you’re the bridge between where they are and how you can help.

Market → is where you need to show up and share your message

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Plan with purpose & focus!

Step 3: Mission

Often overlooked, neglected, and maybe more truthfully, misidentified. Mission is about who. See, we want to quickly jump to who as in, “who’s my market”, but really, who is about the person that’s ready for you and what you offer.  ← Read that part again.

Mission is about being prepared and committed to helping the person who is ready for you with what you have to offer. 

You can’t be quick to jump to mission without first having a strong message. If you don’t know the why behind your message, and where that message is needed most, you’ll be tempted to give up on your mission. Which is the commitment to help the person who resonates with your message of hope. 

Mission → is who is ready for you to step into your commitment to helping them

Step 4: Mindset

As business peeps we are either sick of this step or all too comfy perfecting it. I’m not even going to elaborate on that because I know you know what I mean.

Prioritized is the word I’m going to use for connecting this step for you. As in, when your beliefs and actions match, that means you’re prioritizing your time. When your glow comes from knowing you’re in the flow of doing what literally “lights you up”, then you are prioritized. And when you find yourself having fun, things are easier, and even fueling you, then you’re mindset is prioritized.

Mindset → is when you’re prioritizing the right kind of focus on your message, market & mission

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Step 5: Mastery

Can you guess how important this step is when it comes to an mmm, good business? Like the previous “m” step mindset, mastery can be one that we either ignore or obsess over. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you’ll have to know what it is you’re supposed to prioritize mastering, or not.

Mastery comes down to your willingness to focus. What masters your mind, will master your life. What you focus on becomes your reality. Your thoughts become your beliefs and then your actions. Need more?

Wisdom is at the root of mastery. Making wise decisions will certainly help you have mastery over your choices, actions, and words. Did you know that one of the original meanings of wisdom is skill? I find that so interesting!

Your habits become your life, so wouldn’t it make sense to master your habits? This may be the last step in our mmm, good business building, but it is by no means the least of the needed process.

Mastery → is how much you practice what it takes to create lasting habits

There ya go, my friend! A business that’s mmm, good is as simple as that! Simple, if you put in the work.

The work necessary to create

  • what your MESSAGE is,
  • where your MARKET is, and
  • who your MISSION is even for, then
  • when you get your MINDSET prioritized, you’ll know exactly
  • how you practice and put the focus behind your ultimate MASTERY! 

How’d you like that breakdown? If you weren’t on board with the M’s of this list, I gave it to you in terms of something a bit more familiar…what, where, who, when and even how. (yes, the why is in there too, but that’s on you)

When the focus is on the MISSION showing up in the right MARKET with the METHOD and MESSAGING becomes easy!

Prioritizing the focus for a mmm, good business right there with ya,

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Having fun with all this “m” talk? Then you’ll love this resource!

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