Dating your dream

When was the last time you went on a date with your big dream?

What? Date with my dream?? Sounds crazy! 

Most of us would rather break up with our dream because we couldn’t marry it and “live happily ever after” the moment we decided we wanted it!

Since when does a good, strong healthy relationship just “happen”?

Any good relationship takes work, commitment, flexibility, persistence, understanding and a desire to be in the relationship!

So imagine your dream as a growing relationship. You wouldn’t just jump into a big commitment right away. You would date it first so that you can learn, apply, nurture and grow it.

But this is what we do instead of dating our dream…

Dear dream,
I’m breaking up with you.
It’s not you, it’s me… You see, I decided that I didn’t want to pursue you anymore because I got bored and it’s not as exciting & fun as I thought it would be.
Plus I think it would be easier for me to just stay in my comfort zone. I’m too afraid to see what could be and who really lives up to their potential anyway?
I’m happy just convincing myself “it is what it is” and things will “work out the way they were meant to”. Besides the dog ate my big plan.

Questioning everything,
Fearful abandoner

D-U-M-B right? 

Dumb, because you think your dream coming true will solve all of your problems.

You are the problem solver and who you become while solving those problems is the dream come true!

So when it comes to your dream, don’t do dumb things for the “sake of your dream”. Things like quit the steady income job you hate because your dream is to be a successful ______________. Instead, find ways to date your dream. What fringe hours do you have that you can pursue becoming a successful ___________. (and successful can only be defined by you!)
*Prioritize Focus bootcamp can totally help with dating your dream! (just sayin’)

The plan comes as you pursue your dream. For crying out loud, Martin Luther King Jr. still held a day job as he pursued and shared his dream. He never said he had a plan, he said he had a dream – the plan is still his dream unfolding through us today. 

Dating, breaking-up, pursuing & planning my dreams right there with you!

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