3 Ways to Defeat Destination Disease

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of destination disease episodes in my life.

While most times it’s easy to conceal, I have found that as an entrepreneur, destination disease seems to accelerate itself more than any other area of my life.

If this describes you and you can relate, the good news is that not only is it 100% curable, it’s preventable too! (whew, right?)

For those of you scratching your head right now and about to hop off this post at the nearest exit, allow me to explain.

Destination disease is not a real disease, but a way to grab your attention in an effort to help prevent you from suffering from any of these symptoms:

  • Aimless wandering and wondering “what’s the goal again?” – mostly because you get distracted and sidetracked by someone else’s “arrival” to their destination.
  • A tunnel vision mentality that has you singing “move, get out the way…” (and not in a fun “I’ve got this” kind of way, more of a move or get run over kind of way)
  • Thinking your arrival to “there” is the end all be all solution to your problems
This disease is essentially wanting to get to the destination more than wanting to be the type person who is proud of who they are upon arrival.

So many of us want “the dream”, yet we spend more time looking for quick fixes and hacks instead of focusing on who we need to be in order to handle that dream.

I’ve been pretty clear (in my mind at least) on my ultimate dream for a decade, but if I were to have stepped into that ultimate dream at the exact time I wanted it – you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Looking back, I know I wasn’t ready for that big a dream…yet.

There were so many more:

  • lessons that needed to be learned
  • obstacles to overcome
  • limiting beliefs to demolish
  • skills to improve
  • understanding the redirection of rejections and so much more.

If I had arrived at “dream destination” right then, I’d be just another “where is she now?” statistic. And certainly not the Prioritized Focus goal getter that I am today. One who is intentionally working to build a legacy because of that now clarified “dream destination”. A legacy that I pray will outlive me.

Maybe you are suffering from a bit of destination disease today or at least aware of it’s symptoms and effects, but just not quite sure what to do about it.

There are three things that we can do to cure ourselves from this dreaded disease that causes envy, disappointment, frustration and blindness to our current opportunities.

Be Prepared

Literally, be prepared for the missteps, mishaps and mistakes that will happen. Think of it as your pre-planned comeback after any setback. Learn how to talk to yourself in a way that assures you that it is going to be okay. You will be okay.


Do you know who you need to be in order to handle that dream destination? Well, once you do it becomes much easier to begin showing up as that person.

Apply what you know

Stop being an information hoarder. Everything works on paper, but we live in real life! You are going to mess up some things, you are going to have to repeat and try again and again…the sooner you get started, the sooner you know what works or doesn’t. And friend, you’ll arrive much faster and definitely proud of who you are when you get there!

Working these three cures right there with ya,

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