It’s a Difficult Season…Now What?

It’s pretty safe to say that we are all currently experiencing a difficult season.

I mean, we are navigating our way through a worldwide pandemic, so I’d say that qualifies as a difficult season.

If you were able to go back to your pre Covid-19 life, to say, January…what would you tell yourself?
(after, “you will not believe what’s coming your way in just a few short weeks”)

Would it be something along the lines of…

  • you may want to stock up on toilet paper 
    (like, more than you ever thought you’d need…why? I can’t tell you that logic)

  • hey, remember you said that you wished you had more time to _______? Yeah, you’ll have it in just a few short weeks and then some!

  • I hope you like homeschooling, cooking and the people you live with

  • church, Bible study, happy hour and company meetings and most doctor’s appointments will all happen from home (pj’s optional)

  • be sure to put on REAL pants every few days….just trust me on this one! (summer bodies are made in the winter – remember that!)

  • nothing will prepare you for what you will see – emotional roller coaster is not even a close enough description

  • to keep happy thoughts, you may want to stay away from your social media news feed (and “the media” for that matter) after about the 3-4 week mark

What do you think your course of action would be based on your now 20/20 vision?

Would you believe you? Would you put off being prepared and proactive or would you trust yourself and do it?

Most of us have patterns, cycles of repeat and predictable seasons of difficulty based on our past experiences, it’s our 20/20 hindsight.

Now what we do with that 20/20 hindsight, is what keeps us where we are or it propels us toward where we want to be.

So my friend, what will this difficult season reveal about you? Will it be just another circumstance preventing you from XYZ or will this crisis become the classroom that finally propels you to your best future yet?!

Listen, I don’t know about you, but I can get real tired of my own excuses, reasons and stay stuck mentality –  so while this season is most definitely difficult, I have a choice to make, panic or pivot.

Choosing to pivot in this season of panic right there with ya,



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