Distracting or Driving Partnerships: How Powerful Are yours?

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Identifying your distracting or driving partnerships could be the powerful tool you’ve been looking for. Especially when it comes to your productivity and progress.

Progress, productivity and purpose are all goals Valued, Amazing Ladies in business like us strive for and often put our focus. But when was the last time you thought about the partnership between those goals and what’s distracting or driving you?

Partnerships are the thing that can propel or prevent you from a thriving faith, life, and business.


Too often, we can be found partnering with the wrong things at the wrong times. Sometimes it’s unknowingly and unwillingly, and others we know exactly what we’re hiding from or hoping will change.

Distracting pals and their usual partnerships.

Distracted minds lead to distracted efforts. Those muddled thoughts and actions lead to disappointment.

And not far behind comes the self-sabotaging work of fear, doubt, and worry. Not the kind of pals a focused goal-getter like you wants around!

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And those are just the partnerships inside your head! What about those that are outside of you? How are those going? Do you recognize who’s for you and who just says they are?

I know, it’s a lot to think about. But if you are to determine the power behind your distracting or driving efforts…you’re gonna have to dig in.

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The majority of what I write and talk about are from my own results! Here’s a whole page of resources you can utilize for yourself.

In the meantime, we’re going to focus on the right partnerships for you to pay attention to.

Determining your driving partnerships.

There are some key elements to consider if you want partnerships to be beneficial to your progress and focus.

Determining the criteria for your driving partnerships, requires you to remember…

Focus is a practice and progress is a result. Neither of which is the responsibility of your chosen partner.


Partnering Powerfully Checklist

  • Shared Values: No matter your business model, life stage, or phase of faith, your partner should share similar values. Otherwise you’ll find you’ll be driving each other in different directions.
  • Accountability Check-ins: Scheduled times to discuss progress, challenges, and strategies for improvement fosters focus and maintains momentum.
  • Supportive Feedback: Constructive criticism and genuine support helps you stay on track and recognize patterns and obstacles. A driving partnership involves honest yet encouraging input.
  • Challenge and Growth: Your partner should push you beyond your comfort zone, while nurturing your personal and professional development. (without the coddling or abandoning when things get tough!)
  • Milestone Celebrations: A driving partnership should create a positive environment that acknowledges accomplishments and motivates further progress. To the point the practice becomes a habit for you both.

Distracting or driving? You decide.

Just like no one can focus or make progress for you, deciding your best partnerships are up to you. Knowing who’s for you can be a tough determination to make. There may have been some bad experiences and that history is still hanging around.

However, there is one partnership that we can all have in common. Yet the unique ways, processes, and pathways provided to propel our progress can be anything but! Any guesses of who that could be?

God is the ultimate Partner, incredibly creative Provider, and Perfecter of all messes.


IF we accept the solution He so lovingly provided. Through Jesus, we’ve been provided the power to activate His provision and solution within us, His Spirit.

Now that’s a partnership that’s powerfully effective, strategically crafted, and adventurously inviting! Who wouldn’t trust Him to help find the right kinds of partnerships for our everyday faith, life, and business?

paying attention to my partnerships right there with ya,

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No, I don’t do things perfectly, but I do make progress with the right partnerships and prioritized focus.

Here are 3 places I’d love to help you put some power in your partnerships!

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