DIY Goal Getting – There May Be Better Options

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Do It Yourself. DIY goal getting is something most have a love-hate relationship with. I mean, how often do you mismatch your DIY goal ambition with your expectations?

Listen, having less than splendid results in your DIY endeavors is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as you learn something, it’s still progress.

DIY goal getting may be harmful when you repeat having disastrous results. This could be an indicator that your expectations are a bit outmatched by your…

  • Skill
  • Patience
  • Timeframe

…and those are just a few “reasons” why your DIY goal getting efforts went… womp, womp, womp.

We all want to be our own heroes in some way when it comes to DIY and especially in our goal getting. I mean, its our goal. Listen, you ARE a hero and you can read what I have to say about that HERE.

What I’m trying to point out here is to take an honest look at the reason behind why you choose to DIY your goal in the first place.

Are you consistently choosing DIY goal getting because

  • you are embarrassed to ask for help, 
  • fearful for how you’ll be perceived among those who already know how to do “it” 
  • you have to impress others 
  • Hello, you’re on a budget and what other choice do you have?!

Maybe it’s one of these, some, all, or none, but as a goal-getter trying to make progress, you’ve got to know.

I’ve helped hundreds of goal getters consistently get back on the road to progress. Let me know if you’d like some individualized help ditching the distractions that keep you from shouting, YEAH, I DID THAT! CLICK HERE and schedule a time to get some help with your MAP! 😉

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It’s important to be realistic about your expectations and if they are in alignment with why you choose to DIY this goal over another option.

Yes, there are other options that you have to choose from when it comes to making progress in your goal getting.

Woo! Hoo! Right?

There are two other options you have other than DIY when it comes to making serious goal progress.

DWY is a secret diamond in the rough and when matched correctly can be an absolute catalyst to your goal getting progress.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about partnerships, collabs, and working together with someone. 

DWY stands for Done With You, and it is quite the sleeper gateway to success.

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Sure, DIY may seem faster in the moment, short-term, but is it really? How long does it take you to Frankenstein your way to a goal via DIY? 

By the time you research and attempt your DIY goal getting, you could have found someone who’s maybe just a step or two ahead of you. AND…willing to do it with you!

Maybe you didn’t know this was an option or you just never thought to look into this one as closely.

The modus operandi for most of us are all or nothing. Yep, we are either going to do it all by ourselves or get someone to do it for us.

Because of our stubborn mindsets, we tend to neglect DWY way too often! And that’s really a shame. But hey, know better, do better, right?

As awesome as Done With You is, there is another alternative that is almost as popular as DIY, but probably used the least. Maybe because it’s also the most expensive of the options. Well, at least initially. It’s known as DFY, but you’ll recognize it as Done For You.

Done For You? Yes, please!

I’m sure if we took inventory of the things we would want to be done for us compared to the things we need to DIY, or even DWY, DFY would be in lead.

  • Clean my house, food shop, or organize the basement…DFY, please.
  • Take care of myself, pick my clothes, and do my own hair…DIY all the way.
  • A fun vacation, grow my business, or have connecting conversations…DWY, thank you.

While I’m poking fun and what DFY looks like, it can be truly beneficial when applied in the right areas. But in order to know where to utilize this option, you not only need to know your expectations but also your priorities.

Your priorities will drive you to your best options and your grasp of your actual reality will direct your goal’s expectations.

In other words, if you aren’t solid on what you want, and why, then not commit to closing the gap to get you there, you’ll continue to be disappointed with your goal’s progress. 

As a matter of fact, this is true for all of these options, whether DIY, DWY, or DFY.

Lower expectations will lead to slower progress. So that means…higher expectations will yield faster progress.

The focus here needs to be progress, not perfection. Many will equate the two and that’s simply not true, so be mindful of that in your goal getting plans and strategies. (yes, there’s a difference!)

How do you know which one is right for you in your goal getting endeavors?

  1. Connect with someone who is where you want to be
  2. Consult with someone who knows how to help in the specific area of your goal
  3. Commit to assess which option is best for you and your goal getting timeline

There are times when you just can’t outsource what will get you to your goal. You’ll have to Do It Yourself. Other times you’ll need just a little more support and guidance, in that case, find someone you know, like and trust so goal getting can be Done With You. And nothing is more exciting as when you can know when it’s best if it’s just Done For You.

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Do you see how they all can be as equally beneficial or harmful depending on your priority, commitment to it and the timeline of your goal? I’d love to help you assess where you are in your goal getting journey and help you MAP out your next best step toward greater progress. Go Here if that sounds good to you.

being mindful of my DIY, DWY, & DFY goal getting choices right there with ya,

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