DUMB goals are awesome!

We’ve all been encouraged to create SMART goals, but have you ever been taught how to focus on a DUMB one?

AND that it’s GOOD to create DUMB goals?!

I’m about to share with you what I hope is a game changer for you – I know it was for me. Anyone else get tired of hearing the same “strategy” for goal setting? Yes, it works, but is it the ONLY way to a goal? 


When I heard the comparison between SMART and DUMB goals by Brendon Burchard, I thought it was brilliant! 

In case you have no idea what a SMART goal is here’s a post-it note version. Identify your goal and work it through this matrix in order to achieve it:
S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – reasonable
T – timely

Burchard pointed out that a SMART goal is nothing more than a to-do list and can even be a big distraction that just keeps us busy! This got me thinking…

How many times have we heard to plan out a goal using this SMART strategy? I don’t know about you, but I have – countless times. Did you have as many internal questions as I did?

How specific? Define measurable?? Well, if I could attain it, wouldn’t I have already? What exactly is reasonable? Umm, timely – ok…who’s time are we on, yours or mine? Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t think I’ve ever achieved a goal via this method – sure, I’ve used parts, like maybe SMA. Definitely not reasonable and don’t even ask me the time-frame it took!  

Achieving your dreams should be inspiring, motivating and exciting!!

For most of us the pursuit to our dreams can definitely be inspiring…for awhile.

We can get all hyped up and motivated…for awhile. 

Then the excitement usually wears off shortly after the inspiring motivation. [sigh]

Then what? We either hit the internet over again to get inspired.

Buy a new planner in order to make another plan.

Dig down deep for the motivation to even pursue another goal OR…we just give up. (for now…hey, we could just be a social media post away from being inspired again, right? [insert sarcastic voice here])

Here’s where the light bulb comes on and you see how your goals can get FUN…

…learn to set DUMB goals!

Sounds totally counter intuitive I know, but I think that when you learn how, you’ll not only enjoy the process, but actually make progress! 


Here’s what it means to go for a DUMB goal:

D.ream driven –> this has meaning to you personally and it’s a big scary goal with the potential for huge impact

U.plifting –> it should focus on what you will gain by achieving your goal and worded in a way that connects you as well as compels you

M.ethod friendly –> create practices that make it easy for you to be consistent

B.ehavior driven –> coming up with triggers to keep you disciplined.
Example: Every time I ________ I will __________.

I’m really excited about sharing this with you because it really is at the core of what I aspire to inspire. And I’m especially geeking out over the fact that it’s an acronym! (and slightly jealous I did not think of this myself)

Working SMARTer on my DUMB goals right there with ya,

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