Embrace Your MESS(es) With Focus

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Understanding how to embrace the messiness of your life and business is when you step into becoming a catalyst for growth and success. The best part is that when you learn to embrace your mess, it won’t just be yours and that’s the root and the point for all our messes!

This post will serve as the final installment of the 4 part series centered around what it takes to cultivate a breezier business. While the premise and titles are cute, the message, tactics, and strategies are intended to be provoking and purposeful.

Previously we’ve explored ways to an enjoyable business, the Influence of expectancy In your business & beyond, and the importance of equipping yourself to handle your business. All of those serve as great resources, reminders, and calls to action.

Maybe the idea of a “breezier business” wasn’t even on your radar or a hope of a possibility for you. Perhaps it was the catchy titles and graphics that got you to “tune in” to these posts.

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Whatever it was that brought you to read these words to you today, thank you for being here. Not just “here” reading, but out of the 7 billion+ humans in the world means you have a unique mission and message, that is needed!

Embracing your mess is like the bridge between your here and now and your focused not yet. 

Growing your faith, yourself, and your business takes ownership and responsibility. Yes, that includes owning up to and being responsible for messes. 

Life’s messy. That’s a reality not just for some, but for all of us. Now, whether life’s messes are accepted as an identity or merely a fact has a lot to do with your perspective, experience, and the work you put into finding out the difference.

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Messes are circumstances, not identities. That is a super important distinction that needs to be internalized. Separating identifying as a mess and life’s messes can be quite the MESSage to internalize.

One is within your control and the other is not. So remember to give yourself some grace!

Embrace your mess, because it matters.

How do you learn to embrace your messy situations without allowing them to fool you into thinking it’s who or what you are?

Focus more on who your mess helps you become, over what the mess has done.

Breaking down what it takes to embrace your mess is as simple and hard as remembering M.E.S.S.

Ephesians 2:10 in matching book cover font for You're A Beautiful Messterpiece

Mission, moves your message.

Think about it, what you believe becomes your mission, and that mission becomes your message. In other words, where your put your faith determines who you become, and what you are capable of.

Mindset, mission and message is part of every one of us. How we use them will determine if we stand back, out, or up.

Moving your mission all comes down to utilizing the vehicle to carry your message. Your business can be the perfect vehicle for getting your message out and moving your mission forward.

Experience is necessary, but the level is relative.

Failure and success cannot be gained for you, only by you. You cannot experience someone else’s, but it can affect you. The same is true for your own failures and successes. And just like messes, they are events, not identities.

Learn to embrace your experiences good and bad and you will learn and unlearn your way toward faster progress.

Systems are yours to create in your business (and life).

Motivation wears off and leaves too many sitting around waiting for it to “strike” them again. Well, motivation doesn’t work that way. It takes two things to truly be motivated, inspiration and courage.

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Guess what’s easier than motivation? Systems! Think of systems as the good habits that you’ve put on auto-pilot.

Need help customizing a system that works for you? Let’s Find Your Focus

Stories are often the springboard for either your setbacks or your comebacks.

Your story can be one of inspiration to yourself and others. How are you telling it? Showing how you’ve learned to embrace your mess and using it for your progress or whining about preventing you?

M.E.S.S. is about embracing who you’re becoming more than where you’ve been.

Embracing the messiness of your Mission, Experiences, Systems, and Stories will only better prepare you for the business God created you for!

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I created this EXCLUSIVE guide as a companion to the book!

My book, You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece centers around the whole idea that you were God’s unique and specific idea! From His imagination He created you for exactly what this world needs and it can only be delivered via YOU. The cool part is He made it fun, and it’s all wrapped in the mess of life and the dream He planted in your heart!

The only question is, will you have the courage to embrace all of life’s messes so that you can become who He’s calling you to be?

Grab the 30-Day Scripture Guide that I created just for you if you want some specific encouragement for your messes 😉

embracing the mess right there with ya,

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