Encouragement for your everyday

Where is it you go to find encouragement everyday?

Have you ever really given it any conscious thought before?

If you haven’t, you should because we are bombarded everyday with images, stories and narratives that create so many thoughts and feelings that DIScourage us!

In early 2018 it was reported that one in twelve experience depression and the World Health Organization reported that depression is the leading cause of work disability and at it’s worst can lead to suicide. Which is one of the leading causes of death among 15-29 year olds! That is VERY discouraging.

So again, I push you to answer the question – where is it you go to find encouragement everyday?

I believe that no matter what season of life we find ourselves in the middle of navigating or emotional, financial or faith state we find ourselves walking – there is always a resource out there to help you in your circumstance.

For me, those resources and sources always come in the way of a person.

Specifically there are 3 ways that I typically find just the person I need as a resource for encouragement.

  1. By way of an introduction by a person that I already know. 
    When I find myself sharing a personal struggle with those that I know, they often point me in the direction of a person they know that has either overcome this same struggle or are currently navigating it.
  2. By way of personal prayer.
    Sometimes I’m so distraught, frustrated, completely lost or even too embarrassed to share with others what it is I’m really going through. It’s in those times I pray for God to send me the resources that I need. And to be honest, most of these times I have to write out the prayer in my journal because I can’t even bring myself to say the words! 
  3. By way of Google!
    There are times you don’t even know what it is you need or are looking for so you find yourself at your computer typing in your question or “symptoms”. (just me?)

What I have found about ALL 3 of these ways that keeps me encouraged and able to take advantage of it E V E R Y D A Y is that I don’t actually have to meet or know the person behind the resource!

What do I mean? I’m talking about books, podcasts, videos and online courses!

For me, it’s mostly BOOKS!

I find it the easiest way to get to know the person who has or is navigating where it is that I am looking for encouragement and go at my own pace. Then I can decide if I want to know more about them, their programs and any resources they offer.

Wondering what books I’ve read this year so far?


Looking to find and share encouragement everyday right there with ya,

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