Equip Yourself to Handle Your Business & Make It Breezier!

Equip yourself to handle your business with focus. Woman at beach holding her hat.

Taking the time to equip yourself for handling your business can be just the accelerant your business needs. Too many women in business spend more time preparing for their business than they do equipping themselves for handling it.  Somebody might need to read that last sentence again.

As a Christian woman in business it’s so important for you to
✔know your buckets
✔when to fill
✔when to pour

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God never promised us easy, He promised to be with us in the midst of our messes. But He sure did give us plenty of tools, resources, and encouragement to help make it BREEEZIER.

If you’ve been following along these last weeks, you know that we’ve been looking to cultivate ourselves a Breezy Business. So far we’ve looked at the EXPLORE & EXPECTANCY buckets. Today in case you haven’t guessed, we are looking at EQUIPPING.

You need to be both preparing & equipping yourself for success.

Confused on the difference? Fair enough, let’s look at preparing versus equipping.

Prepared means that you have the necessary knowledge and plans in place for a specific task or situation. And in this case, we’re talking about your business situation.

Equipped means that you have the tools, skills, resources, and capabilities to effectively handle challenges to succeed.

Preparing and equipping your business takes work. But more importantly…you’ve got to be applying the knowledge, skills, and tools to the point of execution. VAL (Valued, Amazing Lady in business), that’s what’s going to separate you from having a business to being IN business.

Owning your business is great, but making it your business to take ownership of it – that’s a difference maker!

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Having ownership and taking ownership of your business is two entirely different things. Owning a business can bring you a sense of status or recognition. But impact and profitability comes when you actively work your business. In other words, you own your role, responsibility, reach, and revenue.

I was surprised by a stat in a recent article I read. It stated that four in five women may be held back in their career advancement by a lack of confidence and visibility. That’s both sad and disheartening!

Especially as Christian women in business because if God called you to this, He’s already got the way through it! But I get how we can get all messed up in our feelings, messaging, marketing…

Beautiful Messterpiece Book

No one understands MESSY more than this girl! MESSY faith, life & business. I wrote the book. . . literally.

Navigating the business world as a Christian woman requires more than just practical skills and knowledge. It calls for a deep-rooted faith and a strong foundation in Christ.

Let’s look at what it takes for Christian women like us to not only prepare for our business success but also equip ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and professionally.

Equip yourself to succeed then prepare to proceed His way.

Stronger foundations of faith will save you from toppling over when things get tough. And things will get tough! (if they’re not already) You can only stand steady when you know the promises you’re standing on.

Faith Foundations

  • Taking inventory of your core beliefs & values will be a strong step in having the right protection
  • Seeking guidance that aligns with those beliefs & values will keep you on the right path.
  • Integrating those beliefs & values into your business practices will put you in the right position.

Once you’ve got your faith fortified, business focus takes on a more comfortable and confident approach. You’ve got a Partner who knows your strengths better than you, and is constantly clearing a path ahead for you that’s designed to be your right fit.

Professional ABC’s

  • Acquiring the knowledge & skills you need to best serve your assigned peeps.
  • Building the experience & expertise in order to provide excellence to your assigned peeps.
  • Commitment to a growth mindset in order to execute your promise to your assigned peeps.

Clarity in who you are and Whose, gives you the confidence to put the pro in proceed!

Working in your business can be fun, it’s mostly about how it appears. Working on your business is all about the strategies and projects that drive results and improvement. See a prepping and equipping comparison here?

Motivation is an outward result of an inward inspiration.


What happens on those days when you just don’t feel like working your business? Burnout is a real issue with many an entrepreneur. And while I could write an entire post about that issue alone, I’ll leave you with these quick tips.

Personal Priorities

  • Focus on finding harmony over chasing balance. (what does that look like for YOU?)
  • Cultivate your resilience for setbacks, but incorporate rest too.
  • Nurture relationships and find a mentor for your faith, life & business.

Success is a perspective more than a destination.


True success comes from God’s guidance and empowerment. As a Christian woman in business, I believe that you have been gifted with unique strengths and a specific way and people to reach.

By equipping yourself spiritually, professionally, and emotionally, you can confidently handle the challenges, that come with starting, running, or growing a business.

Remember, it is through God’s guidance and empowerment that you can excel as a Christian woman in business, making a difference in the lives of others and glorifying Him in all that you do. In the way He’s created you to do it!

focused on being both prepared & equipped right there with ya,

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